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Me with a pinto named Dante
Hi there, I’m Martina and I admit it, I have been in love with horses my entire life.

Yes…its true…I was that girl. Ever since I can remember, I was the girl who was obsessed with horses. Unfortunately to everyone’s surprise, I never grew out of it.

I remain faithfully devoted to them to this day!

Mostly I ride english and love to jump but occasionally I’ll ride western as well. I love going on trail rides and letting my horse gallop across fields riding western. I have ridden, cared for and come to love many different horses over the years but currently, I’m stuck in the city and can’t keep a horse. I have managed to ride occasionally at a stable about an hour and a half away, where I’m doing some dressage work.

My Dream

As you can tell, I’m mostly living vicariously through all of you out in the country. And just counting down to the day where I can buy my own ranch! My dream is to start a ranch one day where I can take in mistreated horses that simply can’t go anywhere else. I would like to work with them, rehabilitate them and hopefully find them new and welcoming homes.

There are so many issues with people only worrying about profit. Profit off of racing, profit off of competitions and profit off of re-selling. Horses end up getting sored, mistreated, fed all sorts of supplements and generally neglected.

All a horse wants is to just be a horse! 

Once that’s accomplished, then horses can get involved in other hobbies or passions like trail riding or jumping. It’s just like  you or me! We need our basic needs satisfied first (food, water, sleep, loving relationships, fun) before we can go to work everyday and do our jobs or compete in a soccer league or paint.

So Why Equestrian Boots & Bridles?

me on Grumpy in JamaicaThe reason I created this site is to help horse owners and riders provide the best for their horses and themselves! I wanted to create a comprehensive knowledge base for you.

I designed it so that even as a beginner, you would easily be able to get any information you were looking for. I want to make it as easy as possible to know what you need, what to expect and know how to get started.

I also know it can be difficult trying to sift through all the products out there, even for experienced owners, and trying to find products that are actually good quality for a reasonable price. Especially if the brand you’ve always trusted goes out of business or you’re in the market for something new.

This gets ten times more difficult once you’re looking online. There’s so much to look through and then once you get into things like saddlery, blankets and especially health supplements, you want to know that what you’re buying is the real deal.

As a rider and horse owner/boarder, you simply want the best for your horse and yourself. And I want to make sure that you get that!

I know you have a million and one things you want to be doing with your time rather than staring at a computer screen like…well…riding your horse!

So that’s where I come in 🙂

Let me do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments! I love connecting with horse fanatics from far and wide.

Thanks for stopping by!

Martina (martina@equestrianbootsandbridles.com)
Founder of Equestrian Boots and Bridles

Equestrian Boots and Bridles


  1. NemiraB

    Hello here. You have a great description of your dreams and passion about horses.

    Horses are magnificent animals. They are smart, friendly and gorgeous.

    Unfortunately, not everybody treats them in a good way. Horses who race and do not achieve good results, usually are left behind.

    I hope that you achieve your goals and help horse lovers to get information about various products and services in your website.

    All the best, Nemira.

    • Martina

      Hey Nemira!

      Thanks for your kind words and support 🙂 And yes it is very sad. Horses are often treated as they are not living, breathing, intelligent and above all, loving animals. Horses have so much personality and it’s really just a shame that this isn’t appreciated like it should be. As I mentioned, horses just need to be given the chance to be horses.

  2. cristina

    interesting life 🙂 i love horses too but i never had one. I understand that must be difficult for you to live in the city now when you are passionate about the country life, fields ,forests…riding…

    As i told you i also love those proud, beautiful, intelligent and faithful animals.

    Do you plan in your future to have a horse again? Would you go back to this free way of life?

    I like your site and i will keep with your updates:)

    Thanks for sharing and i think you will give many helpful and interesting things for your readers.

    have a nice day.


    • Martina

      Hey again Christina!

      Yes living in the city isn’t fun but we all gotta make money somehow right? And yes! I am saving up to buy my own ranch one day. My dream is to run a ranch and take in abused, neglected horses and rehabilitate them so that they can be re-homed if possible.

      I’m also helping out a friend who wants to work with horses achieve her similar dream of running a horse ranch with her husband and their daughter.

      Horses are just something that really drive me and I think some of the stuff that goes on with horses today is just disgusting and I can’t fathom people can do such things. There needs to be more of a movement against that kind of behavior and hopefully I can achieve that 🙂

  3. Larry

    Are their a lot of Horse Ranches that work with the horses, rehabilitate them, and find them homes? Are their a lot of online Equestrian stores? What would it take, to make your dream come true, of owning a horse ranch? Are their a lot of health supplements being sold online that are not the real deal?

    • Martina

      Hey Larry!

      These are some great questions that you’ve asked. There are a definitely a few horse ranches that will work with horses to work with them, rehabilitate them and find them homes. Unfortunately it’s not enough. Many owners still end up sending their horses to slaughter houses rather than deal with their issues or continue to neglect or even abandon them. There are many online equestrian stores and you can also get horse equipment through online shopping platforms like Amazon or Ebay. Some of products online are made with making money in mind rather than taking the horse into consideration. Furthermore, yes – health supplements are a problem. Not so much because they are a health hazard I would say. Most of them are harmless but they are expensive and they don’t really work. To buy ones that actually work for your horse, you need to sift through a lot of garbage – kind of like the fitness industry for us.

      In terms of what would make my dream come true of owning such a ranch – I would need capital to put down on the ranch, the equipment and start some type of marketing to get the word out. I would need one ranch hand to start out, a consistent revenue stream and then hopefully the operation could grow from there!

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