1. Taq'uee Hicks

    Some people believe that aggressive horse behavior is just animal genetics? But of course I suppose that the environment could have had something to do with it. I’ve always wanted to learn about Tennessee Walking Horses as I remember them from when I was younger. My mother had a stallion as well! This story is almost like home.

    • Martina

      Hey there! Awww, that’s nice that it reminds you of home. It is true that some portion of behavior is genetic. However, as with all brain development, nature AND nurture play a role. So a lot of behavioral tendencies will be influenced by the environment. And horses are susceptible to the most maturation and establishment of behavioral patterns during the first year or two of life.

  2. Jo

    That is such a sad story. There are so many different types of people who work with horses and it is true that some of them are just abusive and impatient.

    Unfortunately most of the bad trainers can keep doing what they’re doing because nobody stands up to them.

    I hope she is able to get him back.

    I’ve never heard of these kinds of problems with gelding horses but I guess it can happen.

    • Martina

      Hi Jo,

      It is a very sad story and unfortunately it’s a reality for a lot of horses out there. I really hope that she’s able to get him back too! Generally there needs to be more of a force to push against all of the impatience and neglect thats happening with horses today.

      And it’s true – trainers can establish this undeserved prestige and then people automatically are inclined to trust them. Me included! You think that someone who devotes their life to working with horses would know what they’re doing but this isn’t always the case.

      And yes, geldings can be aggressive. Although it is not as likely as with stallions, any horse can be aggressive if exposed to the right situations. Just like neutered dogs can be aggressive if provoked. Plus, something could have gone wrong with his surgery as well.

  3. Chris

    Hey there, I stumbled upon your website and I must say it caught my eye. Ever since I was little I was always interested in “cowboy things”. Looking through your website reminded me of that.

    You have alot of great information in here. What a great website, great layout and it really kept my attention!


    • Martina

      Hey Chris!

      That’s always a nice thing – to be able to go back to your roots kind and back to things that you kind of forgot you were passionate about with the hectic nature of life. I’m happy you like the website!

      Maybe it will inspire you to start riding? 🙂

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