Ariat English Riding Boots

Ariat English riding boots are my personal favourite.

I’ve had my most recent pair of short English riding boots from them (that I use with half chaps – also from Ariat – that are super thin, comfortable and machine washable) for almost 10 years now!

And I barely take care of them. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I’ve never cleaned the leather with proper saddle soap. Not even once.

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    Ariat womens riding boots - a complete review of paddock boots

    Whatever your riding style and whether you compete or not, Ariat has boots for you.

    If you’re a really new rider, then you might not want to invest in a pair but if you ride at all on a regular basis, it’s 100% worth it.

    A Little Bit About Ariat

    Ariat was founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in 1993, who wanted to revolutionize footwear for riders. 

    Fun fact: they were previously in the tennis shoe industry.

    At the time, classic English riding boots were stiff, heavy and hard on your ankles.  

    They wanted to make boots actually comfortable to wear and easier on your feet. In a way, more like Western boots that were designed to be worn all day long working in the fields and herding cattle.

    The result was cushioning “Cobalt” technology that allowed for greater shock absorption while riding or walking. 

    The brand also partners with events that give back to the riding community. For example, it has sponsored everyone: from the National High School Rodeo Association in the company’s early years, to Team USA at the 2012 London Olympic games. 

    Why I Prefer Ariat English Riding Boots

    There are a few practical reasons why Ariat is my favourite brand for everyday riding boots:

    • I take horrible care of my boots but they’re still in great condition
    • They’ve outlasted countless Canadian springs and winters
    • They look awesome
    • They’re super comfortable

    My Favourite Short Boots by Ariat:

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    My personal favourites are the Ariat Women’s Heritage Breeze Zip Boots from the Heritage series and the Ariat Scout Zip Paddock Women’s Boots from the Scout series.

    Ariat Heritage Breeze Zip Boots
    Ariat Heritage Breeze Zip Boots
    Ariat Scout Zip Boot
    Ariat Scout Zip Paddock Boot

    You can check out our A-Z comparison of Ariat’s short boots here (I just call them all paddock boots):

    My Favourite Tall Boots by Ariat:

    Check out our best tall English riding boots gallery including Ariat as well as Dublin and Frye. You’ll find dress, field and working boots:

    Taking Care of Your Ariat Boots

    So I know this is super hypocritical of me because I am the absolute worst at taking care of my boots. But I figure for those of you who actually want to get the most out of your boots and show a lot, and therefore need your boots to look their absolute best, I’d include this section.

    Here are some guidelines from the company:

    • Wipe them down with a wet cloth daily (yeah right, who does this???).
    • Don’t place boots near heat to help them dry because it will dry out the leather.
    • Condition with leather conditioner once they’re dried. You can buy a specialty conditioner or you can just use saddle soap (Personally, I use Farnam’s liquid soap and Fiebing’s hard soap).
    • You can also treat your boots to be waterproof by paying for fancy waxing procedures – I’ve personally never done this so I don’t know how it’s done and I really don’t think it’s necessary.
    • For suede finishes, you should use a stiff brush to get rid of grime and dirt and you can use a mild shampoo to wash.

    Fitting Ariat English Riding Boots

    Here is a quick video on how you can fit tall Ariat boots:

    I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Ariat English riding boots! If you have any questions for me about them, do let me know in the comments.

    Happy riding 🙂

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