Thank you! Free Horsemanship Tips for Beginners Coming Your Way…

There came a certain point in my riding when I didn’t want to just rely on quick fixes. I wanted to be able to troubleshoot issues with horses myself and develop a deeper understanding of the horses I was riding.

I was so tired of feeling so much anxiety when I would go for a lesson at a new barn. My brain would race with worries. What if I can’t catch the horse? What if he doesn’t lead properly? What if he doesn’t let me tack up? The list would go on…

I wanted to be able to:

1) Know what horses were going to do before they actually did it, 

2) Feel confident handling and riding any horse – not just the horses I was familiar with, and 

3) I wanted to feel calm around all horses and I wanted them to feel calm around me 

As a first step, I wanted to figure out how to understand horses better. 

Today, I want to share with you what I think is the #1 stress indicator to look for in a horse and how to respond to it to IMMEDIATELY show your horse that you see their stress, which is usually all that’s needed for them to relax and start trusting you all the more:Β 

In this video, you’ll see Rudy slowly turn his head away from me. I take a step back in the opposite direction and he immediately relaxes and comes to engage with me.Β 

Next time your horse does this, I want you to step backwards just like I did and see if your horse immediately turns towards you and engages. 

Keep an eye on your inbox because tomorrow we’ll be talking about how to lunge a horse for the very 1st time!Β