How to Calm an Anxious Horse

How to Calm an Anxious Horse

Just like humans, horses can build up anxiety. Horses are built to live in a state of “rest-and-digest” where they’re parasympathetic nervous system is more activated than they’re sympathetic nervous system. If these sound like foreign words to you, don’t worry – they did to me too!  Essentially, the sympathetic nervous system gets activated to tell … Read more

Meet Rudy! 3 Great Tips On How To Bond With Your New Horse

Rudy Feature Image

Meet Rudy, the newest addition to the family. Also, tips on how to bond with your new horse. 3 Great Tips On How to Bond wIth your Horse.

The Low Down on Liberty Horse Training

Liberty Horse Training

So last week I published an article on different methods and philosophies of horse training. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of queries on liberty horse training in particular. So I figured why not do a deep dive with you today? What is Liberty Horse Training? Liberty horse training does what it says on the … Read more