Horse Training: Don’t “Let It Slide”

Don't Let it Slide Horse Training

Ideally, when you’re horse training, you want each cue to work every time 100% of the time. But what about when it doesn’t?  Often, correct responses to certain horse training cues aren’t reinforced sufficiently. Or we get a little bit lazy with the cues. Maybe we just don’t correct our horses when they don’t get … Read more

Groundwork Exercises for Horses

Groundwork exercises for horses

People who own a horse know that it’s more than just a pet. A horse is a companion. They make you feel special when you spend time together. But if you want your horse to communicate with you effectively, then you need to train them properly. Training helps you build a relationship with your horse. … Read more

The First Steps to Training a Horse

The First Steps to Training a Horse

You might think that the first steps to training a horse will depend on what type of training style you want to employ. When you search “how to train a horse” on Google you’ll find lots of buzz words and quick approaches. You might have heard the term “natural horsemanship” for instance. There’s also training … Read more

Aggressive Horse Behavior Misunderstood – Fury’s Story

Hey guys and gals! I’m back again with Equine Angel. I just had to let her share this incredibly heart-wrenching story about her and her horse, Fury. It’s an important lesson on aggressive horse behavior. Equine Angel mentioned him in the post on natural horsemanship and liberty training, which you should definitely read afterwards, especially … Read more