Why Horseback Riding Lessons?

Why Horseback Riding Lessons?

I think I will always have an ongoing relationship with riding lessons. I have been horseback riding for nearly 20 years now, but I really frequently take a few lessons, even now. So today, I’m going to answer your question: why horseback riding lessons? In general, I think we should always try to keep learning. …

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Horseback Riding is Expensive

Horseback Riding Is Expensive

Any horse lover knows that horseback riding is expensive. Ultimately it’s all worth it, right? Your horse deserves the best that money can buy. But we have to be realistic here. As I write this, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. So many people have experienced loss of income. That can be so …

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How to Ask for the Canter

How to Ask for the Canter

I still struggle at times getting a smooth canter transition from the trot when riding a new horse. How to ask for the canter is tough because each horse is unique. Every horse has their own specific way they like to be asked with little nuances during the transition. With a new horse, it takes …

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How to Ride Without Stirrups

How to Ride Without Stirrups 5

When I first started riding, my coach would very often make me practice how to ride without stirrups, or ride bareback, or play around the world with the horse moving. When I was about 8-9 years old, I was able to do all flat work without a saddle or a bridle. Unfortunately, as I got …

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How to Collect a Horse

How to Collect a Horse

My third coach was an expert in all English riding but, specifically she was dressage expert. She competed in dressage on her stallion and had won countless competitions. I had already been riding for a while when I found her but I had mostly focused on jumping. For the longest time, she didn’t talk about …

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How to Establish Neck Flexion

How to Establish Flexion

Today, I wanted to tell you about a problem that I struggled with for a long time. It made it really challenging for me to properly collect my horse. That problem was neck flexion. Whenever I would try to flex my horse’s head, it would invariably overflex, underflex, or not flex at all. Meanwhile the …

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How to Sit the Trot

How to sit the trot

Something that I have really struggled with in the past is how to sit the trot. Especially with really bouncy horses, I would often find myself feeling like at any moment I could bounce right out of the saddle. Other times, I would wake up the day after sitting trot a prancing horse and feel …

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English Riding vs Western Riding

English Riding vs Western Riding

Okay, so this week we’re just talking about English Riding vs Western Riding!  So one of my favourite articles on the blog is my piece on the difference between English and Western Riding. I love being able to explain something like that for you, and answering all of your questions. But there was one question …

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