1. momsmith78

    Very interesting. I never knew there was so much to think about when buying a western boot.
    I would just have gone into the store and pick one off the shelf but now you have given me many points to look at .
    I watched the video at the end and was really impressed with the way boots are made.

  2. Abbee

    Thanks for all the great tips of finding a good western boot! The video was very helpful for instilling confidence in the quality of the Ariat brand. Also, I really liked your tip on trying on some styles locally, and shopping for a discounted price online for the styles that fit. For a teenage girl who is starting horseback riding lessons, would you recommend a shorter or taller boot shaft on the boot, or does it matter?

    • Martina

      Hey Abbee, 

      No problem! Depends if you’re riding English or Western – for Western, it’s entirely a matter of preference if you’re just starting out how tall the boots. For English, I would recommend paddock boots because they tend to be on the cheaper side and their so multi-purpose. Click here to see some of my favourites to choose from 🙂 

      Hope this helps! 


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