English Horse Saddle Pads & What to Look For

As you may already know, the 2 main types of riding are English riding and Western riding. If you’re a beginner than you may have started on one or the other of these styles. If you’ve been riding for a while, you may prefer one or the other. Or you may enjoy both, like me!

English Horse Saddle Pads & What to Look For

The basic difference between these types are the saddles that are used. In English riding, sleeker, lightweight saddles are used for the convenience of the horse. On the other hand, in western riding, a saddle is large and provides support to the rider.

There are also some other differences between both types but the most obvious difference is the size of the saddle.

Difference Between Western and English Riding

Western saddles are bigger, bulkier and heavier. English saddles are smaller, sleeker and lighter.

Here is a quick video about Western and English tack:

A saddle pad is used as a cushion between the back of the horse and the saddle. It is specifically used to prevent the friction that will be caused due to the rubbing of saddle against the horse’s skin. The size and thickness of a saddle pad is important. It should not be too thin or too thick, and it may vary depending on what kind of riding you’re doing.

If it is too thin for the given activity, it will not help to prevent the friction. Instead of preventing it, it might actually make the case worst. On the other hand, if the saddle pad is too thick, it can end up adding unnecessary bulk and pressure.

When you’re riding English, you want the pad to be as thin and sleek as possible while still doing it’s job. If you compete than you may also want it to look great.

Before buying a saddle pad, make sure that you are using the right saddle for your horse. If you don’t know how to properly measure a saddle, you can learn about this by visiting the following page:

How to Measure for A Saddle

English saddle pads come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours, prints & prices. So how do you know what to choose? What style is the best?

Here’s your quick guide to English horse saddle pads.

Basic & Affordable for your Everyday Needs

An English saddle pad is an important item that makes your riding experience better. English saddle pads are available in different shapes and sizes including curved, square shaped etc. The best thing about buying an English saddle is that it is affordable and very easy to buy.

You can buy a saddle pad according to your needs and budget. They are available in different price ranges and are affordable for anyone. However, while buying a saddle, it is important that you pay attention to the quality of the material that is used to make the English saddle pad.

Some pads are made up of fleece, cotton while some are made with natural fibers such as wool. Buying a saddle pad needs special attention because if you make the wrong decision, you can actually put the health of the horse and the rider at risk.

Fancy-Pants Saddle Pads for Showing

Who says that you should only buy a simple and normal saddle pad? There are many types of fancy-pants saddle pads available in the market for showing and you can buy these saddles and show off. You love your horse so why not showing off its saddle pads?

You can buy different cool-coloured saddles with different cool prints. You can buy a cute saddle pad or a high-quality leather saddle pad. In short, don’t be afraid to show off and buy fancy-pants saddles for your horse.

Extras Just for Fun

You can buy extras like different accessories just for fun. There are many saddle pad accessories available in the market and you can add these to enhance the looks and comfort of your saddle pad.

Saddle pads are an important part of your horse riding experience. They can help prevent the friction between the horseback and the saddle. Therefore, though a saddle pad seems a really small item on which nobody pays extra attention, but, it plays an important role in keeping your horse comfortable and healthy.

There are two types of saddle pads; one is English saddle pad and the western saddle pad. English saddle pad is used in English riding whereas western saddle pads are used in the wester riding. It is important that the saddle should not be too thin nor too thick. English saddle pads are available in different sizes, shapes, colours and prints and you can buy them on very affordable prices.

You can try buying different types of saddles and you can also buy accessories with your saddle pad. However, it is better to buy a non-slip pad for your saddle. In short, Saddle pads are essentials but you can still have fun with them.

And happy riding 🙂

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