1. Cheryl

    Hi Martina, you offer a lot of good advice from start to finish for people who are just starting off jumping with their horse.

    I have always loved horses and always wanted my own when I was younger but that was never going to happen. I used to go to a riding school on a Saturday morning and loved it but never ever got round to doing any jumping – I’m hoping to actually get into it again which is how I stumbled across this post. 

    Also, I love to watch is the Horse of the Year show, especially the horse jumping and the dressage.

    • Martina

      Hey Cheryl, 

      So happy you’re thinking of picking up riding again! Its great for a whole host of reasons – I actually wrote a post about it haha 

      Let me know if you need any other help 🙂 



  2. Jack Taylor

    My father was a Jockey so I have lots of experience with horses and absolutely love them. I just finished reading your article on English Horseback Riding: Learning to Jump on a Horse. My daughter is a great rider and has an interest in Equestrian riding. We wanted her to be a Jockey like her grandpa but her decision is hers to make. I saved your article for her to read and saved your website to my favorites. Thanks for a great article.


    • Martina

      Hey Jack,

      That’s incredible! I’m not too familiar with horse racing myself – I’m more on the side with your daughter into English and Western riding, especially showjumping. If she’s already jumping, it may be a little bit basic for her but if she skims through it, there are some more advanced points I throw in here and there 🙂 



  3. Hey girl,
    You did a fantastic job on this article. It was thorough and I could really see myself doing it! Your instructions were clear and concise. It was very easy to tell you have a distinct connection with horses. I wanted to be an Equine Psychotherapist, but I was already to old to begin my training. That’s for the young pups. I think you are on the right track, don’t lose sight of your dream. Great job!

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