Equestrian Clothing Ideas: You are my Sunshine

The hues and shades encapsulated in the color yellow gold remind us of the sun – the warm embrace of the sunlight and the breathtaking view of the sunrise. Yellow and gold tone denotes happiness and positivity.

Yellow gold, in jewelries, is made from a combination of pure gold mixed with alloy metals (usually copper and zinc). This mixture results to a metal with a distinct yellowish tinge.

The range of shades for yellow gold is seen in equestrian clothing to brighten up a specific garment. Here is a list of some of the best equestrian accessories with yellow gold shades.

Flygon Gold Label Repellant

Let’s start with something simple. The Flygon Gold Label insect repellent will keep your beloved horse protected from flies and insects.

It is a water-based insect repellent that is long lasting for your favorite animal to wear. It is ready to use. Just spray it onto the coat and it instantly repels any pest that may irritate your horse.

 It is made from natural ingredients – Citriodiol, Citronella, and lemon eucalyptus oils. It will not harm your horse’s coat and skin. Just a spray of this amazing insect repellent will definitely make your horse’s coat shiny and tangle-free.

Pedara Schooling Whip

The Pedera schooling whip is designed playfully to match your personal style. Both handle and shank are made from two contrasting threads: yellow laid on black braided pattern. You don’t have to stick with your old, plain black riding crop or whip. Opt for the yellow instead! Using the Pedara schooling whip is also a helpful correction tool used for horse training and schooling.

Sunny Fleece Sheet

Keep your horse warm and toasty even during the winter with this reflective fleece sheet. The sunny yellow color will brighten up your mood even on gloomy days. 

The reflective feature will make it easier to train and exercise during early mornings or evenings, and during weather with poor visibility. It fits perfectly under the saddle for comfortable use.

Kastel’s Printed Shirt

If you feel like yellow gold is too eye-catching for your preference, you can opt for the toned down approach of Kastel’s shirt. This special shirt is designed with the signature Kastel belt and chain print. The yellow gold against the white base color of the shirt screams power and femininity.

The lightweight fabric is skin-friendly – consists of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Light fabric mesh strategically placed under the arms provided better ventilation for increased skin breathability. 

The shirt also gives UPF 30+ UV protection to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. It also has antibacterial and odour reduction features so that you can feel and smell fresh all day. This shirt is highly functional – the pretty prints are only a plus!

Golden Yellow Floral Scarf

Perfect for the cold weather, this golden yellow scarf is a statement piece on its own. Look at those pretty floral prints! The golden yellow fabric looks so vibrant and soft to touch. The red floral prints balance the warm yellow gold.

Layer it with your favorite equestrian attire and you are good to go. This stunning scarf can be used for everyday use. The romantic details give an added spark to your look. It is the perfect accessory to use for dressing up.

Holland Cooper Equestrian Gilet

The Holland Cooper Equestrian Equi Classic Gilet is strikingly cool apparel. The yellow ochre shade is stunning when worn out on the field. This gilet is a real fashion piece that every equestrian fashionista should own.

It does not just look good, the classic gilet from Holland Cooper also serves its purpose. It helps regulate body temperature during the cold weather. The outer is water-resistant and soft to the touch. The gilet is stuffed with warm synthetic insulation. All these good elements come together for a luxurious and comfortable gilet.

The front, hood, and sides of the gilet show the classic Holland Cooper logo. Even the gold metal details are embellished with the Holland Cooper branding.

Caviar Gold Bracelet

Caviar and gold in one accessory? Feel like royalty while wearing this beautifully-made, over-the-top golden bracelet. The ‘caviar’ is made from interlocking golden spheres, creating a chunky accessory piece. 

Made from 18-karat gold, the bracelet glistens and glitters even at the slightest presence of light. Encircle your wrist with this ostentatious bracelet and see your attire transform right before your eyes.

Horseshoe Necklace

Horseshoes have always been used to symbolize good fortune and luck. Keep your luck with you with this expertly hand-crafted horseshoe necklace. This necklace looks seriously extravagant and expensive.

Multi-colored sapphires, tourmalines and champagne diamonds complete the ethereal sophistication of the horseshoe pendant

The double chain comprises of 14k gold and 925 sterling. Every detail of this necklace screams absolute luxury and lavishness.

Versace Yellow Diamond

Versace does it again in bottling up nostalgic memories into a crystal bottlevvv. The Yellow Diamond from Versace is an eau de toilette featuring the blend of the sparkling Bergamot, Neroli, and Citron of Diamante. 

The resulting fragrance is a unique scent captivating the warmth of the sun on the skin and the invigorating summer sunset. It is an irresistible mist that you will surely never get enough of. 

It is the perfect scent for the outgoing and carefree woman who is not afraid of embracing her femininity.

Fossil Sadie Gold Watch

The gold watch is a classic accessory all women should have. If you feel overwhelmed by gold, you can choose to wear this muted yellow gold shade instead, like this Sadie gold watch from Fossil.

This is the ideal watch to use for formal events where you need to get fancy and dress up. Crystals lined up in the watch face perimeter gives an additional sparkle – and ladies know that we need more sparkle. The watch face is made from mother of pearl to balance out the color of yellow gold.

Yellow Gold Fantasy

Bask in the warm of the sunshine through the positive and alluring vibes of these yellow gold themed items. This specific hue brings life to almost anything it touches. Wearing these items with your usual equestrian wear will surely liven up your appearance.

Wearing yellow gold also entails getting noticed easily by the color. You might feel a bit awkward sporting a gold watch or a golden yellow scarf. Do not be afraid to stand out a little. Let your personality sparkle and shine through.

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