1. Dave

    Hey there Martina,

    I have always been a huge fan of your website and have also always wished I would build a website this helpful and interesting, but didn’t know how.

    But now I can (thanks for letting us in on your secret, by the way).

    I would like to know exactly how I can build a site who appearance just like yours. I have already joined the platform you use, Can you please walk me through it?

    • Martina

      Hey Dave! 

      I use Omega along with the helper plugin with a few very simple CSS changes that you can Google if you like but you don’t need to. For a lot of my images that I don’t take myself, you can find on my hosting/domain provider’s platform as I mentioned – it’s super easy to use. I have an entire article about that here that you can check out! 

      In terms of the writing, it can get tough over time to try and type out all the content for your website which is why I like to dictate and then transcribe all of my blog posts. I find that they end up sounding so much more natural if I do it that way too 🙂 

      Hope that helps! If you have anymore specific questions don’t hesitate to email me at martina@equestrianbootsandbridles.com 



  2. Kyoko

    Hi Martina,

    You have set up a nice website with an e-commerce store! That’s really cool. I sort of took the similar step, I started affiliate marketing long time ago, and changed it to e-commerce, and realized about the importance of SEO and contents, and that brought me back to Affiliate Marketing.

    Content is also important to me, so I totally understand you get a bit picky about writings, especially if you have such a specific niche.
    Wish you great success and looking forward to your new site’s growth!

    • Martina

      Hey Kyoko, 

      Thanks for the support! SEO is extremely important with any website that isn’t based on PPC or can’t be ran profitably off PPC. If you’re not selling a product with an excellent profit margin or a service, you need to make sure you’re SEO is good, which means you’ve got to have amazing content, you’ve got to be connecting in your community and you’ve got to love what you’re doing. 

      That’s why I love running this blog, because I do all that stuff anyways since I love horses and horse people! haha 

      Best of luck! 


  3. Tiffany Domena

    Hello Martina!

    You can read your passion in your writing. I’m sure those who love horses will appreciate all of your hard work. It’s a challenge to juggle all of the tasks required to run an online business, but it sounds that you have a great plan and a very awesome support system.

    I look forward to learning more about horses, and learning more about your business! 

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