Fierce Equestrian Wear: Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Clothing

Fierce Equestrian Wear: Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Clothing

Most people – me included! – are intimidated to wear orange because of its striking characteristic but I’m trying to branch out. Apparently orange can actually be easy to pull off if you don’t overdo it. I will say that this lively hue exudes warmth, positivity, and happiness – imagine the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

A well-placed pop of orange with the right accessories might just bring a playful and majestic feel to your overall look. The warm orange color gives an everlasting impression and distinction on whoever, both rider and horse, chooses to fashion this lovely tone.

Western Riding Boots

While combing through dozens of tangerine-colored western and english boots, these horse riding boots instantly caught my attention. The iconic style of the classic western riding boot is upgraded by the gorgeous orange details. This is one accessory that could spice up your outfit for sure. 

These riding boots showcase how a simple accessory lets its owner show off personality and style. It is made from sturdy leather material. The good construction assures you that these spunky babies are here to stay for the long ride.

Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Clothing - Orange Western Riding Boot

Light Softshell Jacket

Or maybe this orange softshell jacket is your style? 

The jacket is made from stretch softshell bonded micro-fleece lining. The material is breathable and cool to the skin. You don’t need to worry about sweating too much during farm work, ground work or training. 

Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Clothing - Orange Light Softshell Jacket

You can be sure that no one on the barn will miss you in this flashy number! 

Dryfit Shirt with SPF Protection

If you’re just starting to build into your tangerine equestrian wardrobe, this Ladies’ SPF Shirt Kastel Denmark is a great option for you. The navy-orange is a classic color combination.

The lightweight fabric is breathable, comfortable, and cool to the skin. It is designed to provide cooling comfort by keeping you dry and feeling fresh even after hours of riding. With it’s sinched wasit, it’s one of those shirts that fits well and is flattering to the body’s natural curves.

Fabric: 88% nylon/12% spandex offering UPF 30 ultra-violet protection. Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Clothing - Dryfit Shirt with UV Protection

Compact Jumping Saddle

Let your horse strut with confidence and power with this leather jumping saddle from Bates Victrix. This jumping saddle is lightweight and compact – giving your riding companion the utmost comfort in every gallop.

The saddle is made from luxe leather, which is hand-picked from the finest calf leather. This luxurious material undergoes meticulous tanning process in order to get that rich Havana brown and orange colors.

Each feature of this wonder saddle is well-thought of and well-designed for the benefit of both the rider and his horse friend. With the comfort that only the Bates Victrix saddle can offer.

Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Gear - Orange Compact Jumping Saddle

Atomic Orange Horse Boots

Make your horse ultra-stylish with the Majyk XC Elite Cross Country Front Boots. It is available in an array of color accents. But with the spirit of this post, the boots with Atomic Orange accents definitely caught my attention.

The Color Elite XC Series Boots boast that they do not inhibit your horse’s movement given the design. The materals include strong, yet lightweight materals with a breathable mesh. The molecular composition of the material is such that as your horse is working, it is fairly flexible but hardens on sudden impact when struck to offer maximal versatility and protection at once. As such, it provides proper air circulation, flexibility, and breathability for ease of movement and comfort for your horse. 

The “Forever Clean” feature of the boots help repel water, mud, debris, and dust for easier cleaning. Expect to reduce your clean up time by almost half by simply having to rinse these after use. 

Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Clothing - Atomic Orange Horse Boots

Luxurious Fleece Horse Blanket

Keep your horse warm and comfy with this fleece horse blanket.

The brick orange material with silver details will absolutely look luxurious and elegant on your riding companion. It looks lavish and extremely comfortable. Your horse will thank you for giving her such a stylish and functional gear.

Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Gear - Luxurious Fleece Horse Blanket

Fun Accessories & More Orange Things…

Color by the Yard Earrings

This earring style is as timeless as the store that sells them! Color by the Yard Earrings by Tiffany & Co. are a subtle way to incorporate some orange into your riding outfit. 

Orange horse riding clothing and accessories

Orange Eye Candy

Protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays in style – with this lovely eye (pun intended) candy.

The round lenses are flattering to most face shapes. The subtle orange frame gives an eye-catching pop to the accessory. These trendy pair can get your outfit to another level. Cop the “model out of duty” by incorporating these sunglasses to your usual outfit.

I can’t help but gush over this cutesy pair. Be right back, I’ll just panic buy a couple of these.

Tangerine horse riding clothes and accessories - orange sunglasses

Color Me Orange

Nothing says power more than a strikingly vivid lipstick or so I’ve been told by countless fashion magazines. Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Orange Perfecto provides the instant pop of color. 

Orange horse riding clothes and accessories - Orange YSL lipstick

Orange Mini Bowler Bag

If you are too intimidated to use orange or tangerine in you apparel, you can go for a nice purse with an orange tone. This orange mini bowler bag from Dorothy Perkins is simple, yet extravagant way to add orange to your outfit.

The deep orange color makes it easier to wear with anything. It comes with a cross body strap so you can wear it in different ways. Carry your essentials in style and comfort with this adorable bag.

Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Clothing - Orange Bowler Accessory Bag

Apple Watch Silicone Strap

Urban Outfitters now offer an Apple watch strap in orange. This flexible silicone strap features an adjustable closure and peg fastener. There are a lot of eye-popping colors to choose from – white, maroon, yellow, leopard print, dark orange, pink, and navy. You can switch from one color to another. Use the dark orange one to liven up your mood!

Tangerine Themed Horse Riding Gear - Silicone Orange iWatch Strap

So… Apparently Orange is the New Black? Or something

Orange you glad that these fun accessories exist? Bring out some color in your wardrobe with a pop of lively tangerine and be a certified equestrian fashionista.

Sporting an orange ensemble is a complete fashion risk. This is why most people steer clear from it. The key to rocking the tangerine color trend is to not go overboard. While you can opt for pieces with strikingly bold orange hue, you need to tone it down a bit. Choose one eye-catching accessory that will become the highlight. Do not pile on too much detail at the same time. Mixing orange with your basic neutrals is always a great idea.

There’s really nothing to be scared of about wearing orange. The slightest pop of this color will give your wardrobe the necessary update to make it look fresh and lively! 

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