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rider information healthcare and supplementsIf you are on this website, chances are your horse (whether owned, boarded or simply ridden) are your pride and joy. Your horse’s health and happiness is your top priority.

There are more and more new supplements on the market and new information about how best to tend to your horse’s healthcare. It can be frustrating to sift through this information and there are many untrustworthy sites simply trying to sell you their “cool new thing”.

We know how much you love your horse and we are determined to make sure he or she always gets the best care by keeping you as well informed as possible!

You want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your horse as healthy and happy as possible. Here on this site, you will find plenty of information on horse healthcare including the basics, what to do if your horse gets sick as well as information on horse supplements. You will find out what the supplements are, what they do and whether they are right for your horse.

Basic Healthcare for Your Horse

happy horse healthcare and supplements
Some basic things you need to do for your horse:

  • grooming and hoofcare
  • proper horseshoeing if your horse wears horseshoes
  • insect control
  • parasite control
  • regular vet visits
  • first aid such as quick wrapping, application of analgesic liminent gels, etc.

Horse Supplements

Your horse may require certain supplements at times depending on his or her health in some of the following categories:

  • joint
  • immune system
  • deworming
  • digestion
  • muscle
  • etc.

healthy horse healthcare and supplements


The best thing to do if you have any immediate questions or concerns about your horse’s health is to get into contact with your trusted veterinarian. If you do not yet have one, ask around and find a good one that is close and convenient to get to. But for anything else we are always around!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch anytime. Start learning more about your horse’s healthcare now!


  1. Sarah

    Great site! I love how it’s very simple to understand and laid out. Lots of very interesting and helpful information! What was the name of your first horse? I’ve always loved horses myself. 🙂 I like how you have the pretty pictures of various horses as well, really makes the page pop out at you more!

    • Martina

      Hey Sarah, the name of my first horse was Satchmo 🙂 He was black, very fiesty and a pony – I grew out of him when I was about 10. And thanks for your feedback on my page!

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