Meet Rudy! 3 Great Tips On How To Bond With Your New Horse

Learn 3 great tips on how to bond with your new horse through my experiences with my new horse Rudy!

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    Rudy's stance. Doesn't get much cuter!
    Talk about the cutest stance ever!

    Meet my handsome warmblood-cross Rudy! He is as curious as he is cute, don’t let those sweet four year old eyes fool you! It has been an interesting start to say the least, and I would like to share some tips with you on what I’ve learnt along the way.

    Whether you’ve owned your own horse, or are considering buying your first horse – here are some noteworthy points on how to bond with your new horse!

    How to Bond With Your New Horse Step 1: Understanding Your Horse

    What I have learnt with Rudy is that leadership is key. It is so important to remain loving, stern and consistent. This builds trust between us.

    He knows he can rely on me for consistent leadership. In turn, it is building a trustful relationship between the two of us.

    At the beginning, Rudy tested me. He wanted to find out if he was the one in charge. With a gentle hand and stern voice he learnt to respect me.

    Remember, predictability means safety.

    Understanding your horse is key in how to bond with your new horse.

    In order for the relationship to work, both horse and human need to feel safe.

    Regardless of if you intend to show, work or leisurely enjoy your horse – your relationship needs to be established prior to asking anything from them. A safe environment is one that will promote growth. Once you establish a safe dynamic between the two of you, you may then start to ask what you may of them.

    A horse will do anything for you if he respects you. Sounds cliche right? But it is true. If your horse does not know, or understand you – it will constantly test you.

    This is why it how to bond with your new horse is key.

    Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean they still won’t buck or roll on you. That is in the nature of a horse and you have to love them for it! However, the sooner you understand why they are doing that – the sooner the relationship can grow.

    For example, a horse may be rolling because they are itchy, overheating, or soaking up a likeable scent. They may be bucking because they are excited, wanting to run, telling you something isn’t fitting right.

    Body Language is a Two Way Street

    I’ve learnt so far that horses are pros at reading body language.

    This means we should be aware of our body language at all times when were around our new horse. Being self aware will also help us better understand our horses body language.

    Try being consistent with your actions, and you will notice your horse will reciprocate it.

    As we’ve mentioned in our post ‘First Time Riding a Horse’ we want to keep our movements consistent and minimal around a horse. Over time, this will build trust between you and your horse. As it has between Rudy and I!

    Body Language is key in how to bond with your new horse.

    Explore the Unknown

    Who doesn’t love an adventure?

    Rudy, is a four year old gelding. Therefore, he is full of energy and curiosity. He would explore, roll, and run everywhere if I’d let him! This is all normal, and vey healthy.

    How you can help foster this healthy trait is by exploring with your new friend!

    How to bond with your new horse. Leading your horse to new places!
    Leading Horse Through Pasture

    Unfamiliar places can be scary at first, lots of new sounds and sights. However if you lead him with a sure hand he will learn to associate you with not only fun but a feeling of safety!

    This is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship. Your horse will thank you for it in time!

    If you’ve made it this far in the post, you’re doing all the right research and your horse is lucky to have you! Y I hope these three pointers will prove to be as helpful to you as they were for me on how to bond with your new horse. Feel free to drop a comment below, I’d love to hear your feedback!

    Happy Riding!

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