Lifelong Dream of Owning a Horse? No More Excuses…

Let Me Show You How to Buy Your First Horse!

Rudy, the horse I bought on my own.

I’m being serious.

Anyone can buy a horse.

You just have to know what you’re doing.

It might seem out of reach, but in this free guide, I’ll walk you through the entire process of buying your first horse.

(P.S. This is Rudy, the horse I bought on my own.)

3 Steps to Buying Your First Horse

1. Set Your Requirements

It’s important to understand the requirements that you have for your horse so you don’t buy the wrong one. See what requirements are important to consider and which ones you can ignore.

2. Find Your Horse

When it’s time to find your horse where do you look? You’ll learn exactly where you should be looking for a horse and how to ensure it’s the one that is right for you.

3. Buy Your Horse

Now it’s time to buy your horse. You’ll learn how to actually pay for the horse and what documentation you will need to obtain to make sure that the horse is yours.

Here’s the Deal

Buying your own horse is possible, but you don’t want to make the wrong moves. Nobody wants the dream of buying a horse to turn into a nightMARE (get it?).

The only thing stopping you from buying your own horse is the knowledge of what needs to be done.

It’s Easier Than You Think

It’s pretty obvious that I love horses. However, scheduling riding time and hoping that others are too busy to ride the horses that I loved sucked.

When the idea of buying a horse first entered my mind I laughed it off.

Regular people don’t buy horses! Only Princes in Golden Castles do that. But I was curious and so I started to do some research.

What I found is that it’s absolutely possible for anyone to buy a horse. Now I couldn’t let go of the idea!

And this is where my adventure starts.

2,000,000 people own horses in the United States. Let’s make it 2,000,001!

This Is What I Found…

You might be surprised to know this but apparently there is a LOT that goes into buying a horse.

Big shock, right?

It’s nothing like buying a car right off the lot.

You need to make sure you not only get the horse that you want but you also have to make sure:

  • You get a pre-purchase examination by a vet (I’ll show you how to get this done)
  • You have the right tack and equipment (I got you covered here)
  • Your trailering is adequate (You know I have you double-covered here)

Oh, and there are so many different places to buy your horse. Do you look at friends, Facebook, website, Craigslist (yep, this is a thing), or auctions?

These are all of the things that I had to tackle when buying Rudy and it’s everything that I’m going to share with you.

This is MY horse, Rudy. He’s cute isn’t he?

What You’re Getting

In this mini-course you’re going to learn the following:

  • How to figure out your must-haves and horse wish list
  • How to figure out and adjust your budget for buying a horse
  • How to get a vet check
  • The tack and equipment that you’ll need
  • Where to look for horses to purchase
  • Finding the perfect horse
  • How to pay for your horse
  • The documents you’ll need upon purchase
  • Setting up your transition home
  • The 3 budgets you’ll need to keep your horse happy and healthy

Oh, and the best part… I’m giving you all of this for freeee!

Sorry, had to show you another pic of Rudy. I can’t believe I own a horse!