How to Choose the Right Bit for Your Horse in 3 Steps

Are you confused about how to choose the right bit for your horse? Let me help!

Using a bit is a great way to communicate with your horse. It can act as a motivator for your horse. You can also manipulate the behavior of your horse by choosing the right bit. However, before choosing a bit, there are multiple factors to keep in mind.

How to Choose the Right Bit for Your Horse in 3 Steps

The most important factor is the comfort of your horse. A bad-fitting bit can cause pain and even injury to your horse. You should get comfortable with the different types of bits so that you can make the right choice for your horse.

Due to the many options available in the market, understanding different types of bits is overwhelming and challenging. Do not worry, I have a handy guide to make it easier for you to understand different types of horse bits. Click here to learn about different types of bits.

There are two main types of horse bits:

1)    Snaffle bits

2)    Curb bits

A snaffle bit is a mild and gentle bit. Its reins are directly attached to the mouth of the horse and it only applies the amount of pressure by which you will pull the reins. It helps you to control the horse through direct contact by using reins.

The second main type of the bits is curb bits. Curb bits use leverage to control the horse. This leverage is used to enhance the pressure of your pull. The horse can also feel this pressure on its chin. In short, the horse will feel more pressure than you will actually apply.

Both snaffle and curb bits are available in wide ranges and styles. Here are the 3 steps that can help you to choose the right bit for your horse.

Step 1: What stage of training is your horse at?

Choosing a right bit for your horse is much more complicated than it sounds. Try to start with a snaffle bit if your horse is in the earlier stages of training. If you think your horse is difficult to control, then you can use a curb bit.

Snaffle bits have been used by cowboys for a very long time and they are very effective. If you have a young horse, it is better to use a mild and gentle bit.

What stage of training is your horse at

Once your horse becomes more experienced, then you can switch to curb bits. You should choose a bit for your horse carefully according to the stage of training of your horse.

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Step 2: Just like anything else, quick fixes are not a sustainable solution

Always take some time to think. Do some research and get some advice from the experts before buying a bit for your horse.

If you choose something shiny that only seems good but your horse is not comfortable with it, then you are putting the health of your horse at risk. Quick fixes are not a good solution for any problem. Evaluate your alternatives carefully and then make a decision about a bit for your horse.

Step 3: To salivate or not to salivate – that is the question

So, the question is whether your horse should salivate more using a bit or not. The answer is “YES” obviously. You should not use a bit that creates hindrance in the salivation process. Saliva helps to keep the mouth lubricated and softer and prevents sore mouth.

There are some materials that enhance salivation and some materials that do not. You should prefer the material that enhances salivation to keep the mouth softer.To salivate or not to salivate

Click here to read some tips to help you choose the perfect bit for your horse.

Still confused about how to choose the right bit for your horse? ask for help!

Though, sometimes it can be tough to properly assess your horse’s level and what bit is best suited for him. But with the help of some research, and expert guidance you can get to know which option is best for you.

Read this blog post to help you understand what type of bit you should use.

If you are in doubt that what kind of horse bit is suitable for your horse, leave your concerns in the comment box and I would be glad to help you.

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