1. Kien

    Hi Martina,

    Another great post on horse training. Your post reminds me of Smallville if you have ever watched the movie since they ride horse a lot in there. I do not have a horse and never ride one before but I can feel how difficult it is to have a complete control over one. When you try to get your horse back out from the trailor, are you scared of it kicking you. I have heard some terrible stories on how it happened and it could take people’s lives in some cases?

    • Martina

      Hi Kien!

      Thank you for your positive feedback! I’m happy that you like my posts and yes I have seen it – pretty much any movie with horses that exists I’ve seen haha 🙂

      Yes horses are tough to handle sometimes because they’re just so much bigger than we are so we have to try and connect with them as opposed to forcing them to just do what we want you know?

      Definitely you have to be very careful whenever you’re behind a horse. The horse should always know where you are so that it doesn’t spook and kick out of fear. The best way is to have your hand on your horse’s rump or hold on to a piece of their tail at all times when you’re around their bums.

      Also you should never stand directly behind them for an extended period of time because they obviously can’t see you and this can make them nervous. Also if they’re already stressed, then it might put them into a more anxious state. You can walk behind them with a hand on their rump but don’t just stand there.

      Instead, and I probably should have been clearer about this in my post, you want to stand off to the side of the trailer that your horse is in. So don’t pull the horse’s tail while directly behind him, but stand off to the side so that there’s partial protection provided by the trailer. If you stand directly behind the horse and then ask him to move backwards, he’ll walk straight into you and that’s definitely not a good time haha.

      But as long as you don’t make any sudden movements, show the horse where you are at all times with touch, and stand to the sides, you should be fine!



  2. Kien

    Thanks for explaining it so throughly! Now I know how to handle a horse in case I have this problem in the future. Just shared your post in twitter! And oh that picture “I see that apple in your hand!” is funny lol

    • Martina

      Hey Kien,

      No problem! Thanks so much for sharing my post 🙂 Haha yes horses tend to be like that – super silly but so adorable


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