5 Easy Steps to Buying a Peter Horobin Saddle in North America

I just recently went through the process of buying a Peter Horobin saddle for my 4-year-old warmblood gelding, Rudy! Initially, I was confused about how I would manage to find one in Canada and get it fitted given the pandemic.

Here’s how I was able to get it done pretty quickly and easily with the help of Karen, a trained and professional representative for Peter Horobin saddles in North America.

She was extremely helpful and I would highly recommend contacting her if you’re in the market for one of these saddles.

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    Peter Horobin Saddle

    First off, why would you want a super expensive saddle?

    Why Peter Horobin Saddle?

    As Art 2 Ride puts it, Peter Horibin is an “Aussie innovation, artistry and passion for a saddle that allows maximum comfort and freedom for the horse while perfectly balancing the rider in a secure, comfortable and correct position at the base of the horse’s wither.”

    The Peter Horibin saddle design is a success. It was designed with artistry and technology. It is of the best of it’s kind, customized to your liking. Each saddle is made with genuine European leather and fit to the comfort of your horse!

    Step 1: Fill Out Online Form

    The start of the proccess through to completion is a breeze. It is enjoyable, exciting and easy!

    To start, I filled out an Art2Ride Saddlery Submission Form. Within this form your able to specify what it is your looking to have done and your horse specifics.

    Step 2: Meet Karen

    Next, you’ll be contacted by the most knowledgable, helpful human ever, Karen!

    Firstly, she congratulated me on Rudy! *Proud Mom Alert.

    But honestly, it didn’t feel like a transaction or business ordeal. It was personal – which made it all the more helpful!

    With all of these COVID restrictions in place I was worried that I couldn’t have the proper fitting done or that it would just end up being overly complicated between shipping and restrictions. Plus, I do not currently have a saddle for Rudy, which I thought would also be a problem as I had nothing to compare to.

    However, to my delight, Karen assured me of my next steps, and walked me through the entire process with surety.

    Step 3: Contactless Fitting

    Typically there would be an in person fitting with a representative from Canada through Art2RideSaddlery. However, given the restrictions, this is not happening at the moment.

    Also, I do not currently have a saddle for Rudy, which I thought would be a problem as I had nothing to compare to.

    Karen was so professional and needed only photos with a description in order to properly fit him! Yay!

    Below I have included the necessary form and photos. It was pretty straight forward, and enjoyable.

    Side note: How cute of a model is my Rudy boy?

    Rudy's saddle fitting photo 1
    Rudy's saddle fitting photo 2
    Rudy's saddle fitting photo 3
    Rudy's saddle fitting photo 4

    Step 4: Choose Your Saddle

    Once you have submitted your photos, measurements, and specify which saddle your most interested in – Karen will inform you on what she has in stock.

    I preferred a saddle geared for jumping, however Karen has many options including multi-purpose saddles, dressage saddles, etc.

    Therefore we went with a Melbourne Monoflap, that I absolutely adore!

    Karen happened to have one in stalk that I thought would be absolutely perfect for Rudy.

    She included the breakdown of numbers, including shipping and duty fees. Which by the way, shipping only takes 3-5 days!

    Have a peek at my new, and beautiful saddle Peter Horobin Saddle below.

    Melbourne Monoflap Peter Horobin Jumping Saddle

    Step 5: Saddle Accessories

    After choosing your saddle you are going to want to choose all the appropriate accessories.

    It’s important to be clear on what best suits your new saddle, and your horse. Karen is a wealth of knowledge on products and she actually was able to provide a list of researched and proven saddle accessories that would work with my specific choice.

    Just for an idea, here is a list of what I looked for to go with my new Peter Horobin saddle:

    What was really trusting about the whole process was she informed and redirect me to other sites to best suit my preference of accessories!

    In Summary, I love Art2RideSaddlery

    I would reccommend Art2RideSaddlery any day of the week! If you are in need of a saddle, and want some honest professional help – check her out.

    I am 100% satisfied and I am happy to have made yet another amazing connection within the industry!

    I would love you feedback, drop a comment below!

    Happy Riding!

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