Rose Gold and Glamorous Home Ideas Just in Time for Spring

Rose Gold and Glamorous Home Decor

Rose Gold & Glamorous – Ideas for Office Space

Spring is such a relief after the long winter – at least here in Canada it is! Many people like to do things like spring cleaning or re-organization. Maybe you have some renovations in mind for your house. We’re looking to move to another house soon so I’ve just been online shopping and dreaming of different things to spice up the new place with. But I figured, with spring coming up even if you’re not planning on moving, maybe some of these ideas might also appeal to you to spruce up the place a bit. Even country girls like us need some prink and glamorous in our lives.

Luxury Fleece Blanket

I don’t know about you but I can’t ever get enough of these types of blankets. I probably have a collection of 5 or 6 on my couch right now that my boyfriend’s mom folds every time she comes over and sticks in the corner – she doesn’t understand why we need so many. Of course, between all the dogs, they’re always full of furr too. But I can’t help it, at the end of the day all you want to go is curl up in these and watch netflix or read. Am I right? In the office, I always use a blanket in the morning if I’m doing computer work. Blanket + coffee + sunrise = very productive for me.

Luxury Rose Gold Fleece Blanket

More than Just a Clock

Clocks I find are overlooked but they immediately make a room more classy. I can see this clock working super well in an office/lounge area, a white bathroom with other rose-gold hints in it or in the living area? This one in particular doesn’t tick if you find that annoying.

Rose Gold Simple Clock

Metal Letter Tray Organizer

So I’m not terrible at this because I’m pretty organized and actually have been using a letter tray the last few years but there’s people in my family who cannot for the life of them keep papers straight. There’s always papers in the kitchen, on their desk, in the bedroom, in the spare bedroom…Like why would that be a good place to put your papers? They never want to put them away because they’re part of their to-do list.

The way I do it is I put my papers that I need to do something with soon (aka the utility bill that needs to be paid in the next week or so) on the top of the tray. Then, the papers that I don’t want to throw out but there is no rush to (aka a pamphlet for some store I like or a horse magazine I picked up) I’ll put on the bottom. Once a month or so I’ll throw out everything on the bottom because if I haven’t looked at it by that point I probably won’t ever look at it. That way, I don’t end up with stacks of paper or magazines all over the place.

Metallic Rose Gold Office Letter Organizer

Metal Odds n’ Ends Organizer

I love these little organizers – I don’t have one on my desk right now but I used to when I had my appartment in Toronto. I honeslty am not sure where it went but it was like this except for black. Now all of my stuff is just in the drawers of my desk and it’s so messy I hate it. Definitely in the new house, I’m looking to get another one of these once I figure out what my desk is going to look like.

Rose Gold Office Odds and Ends Organizer

Metal Sort-Of Garbage Can

Okay this may not be the most practical garbage in the world. If I was going to use this, I’d probably end up putting a black garbage bag in it which might take some of the classy look away from it but what can you do – it still matches well with the other office stuff…haha

Metallic Rose Gold Office Garbage

Metal Hanging Planter

Don’t you just love this? It’s classy, it adds some nature to the office and the concrete looks really nice against the metallic rose gold color. I love the little cacti that you can find at the grocery store or the hardware store – that’s definitely what I would put in one of these.

Rose Gold Metallic Hanging Planter

Enjoy Decorating!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for making your own office or work space classy. Weather you work at home or in a company office, I find just making your work space a little bit more your own makes it easier to actually want to be there and be productive. Also I don’t know about you but if I feel more sophisticated, I feel more like actually working and doing things.

Let me know your thoughts below 🙂


  1. John

    Thanks for sharing this post. Decorative thoughts for the arriving spring is definitely a right thought that comes at a right time. Something cool to occupy the heart with.

    Normally, one would just have done the usual things, cleaning the house and rearranging it after the long, cold period of winter. For the items you mentioned, I liked the Luxury Fleece Blanket. I mean, who doesn’t like to curl up in a warm, comfy blanket after going through a biting winter? And as for the clock that doesn’t tick? Well, we’re decorating, are we not? So I think that too is absolutely classic.

    Truly the thought that winter is fading is a graceful one. But it feels good to have these thoughts fired up with such creative home ideas for decoration.

    Thanks again for sharing this post. And thanks for the time and effort invested in reviving the warm thoughts of spring!

  2. Dolbe

    Rose gold gives a super classy feeling and I love it.  Especially rose gold with white is honestly a super match

    Among the items you introduce, I love the blanket very much!  It may be because the winter has just passed, but it is still cool outside.  I’m thinking of curling up in the blanket.  You better to do it when you are reading a book and enjoying a cup of hot coffee.  

    The drawer is very classy too.  I can enjoy to rearrange all my documents in an organized way.

    Thank you very much for your sharing.


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