Rustic Decor – Country Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Rustic Decor - Country Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Making your bedroom into your very own sanctuary is fun, but sometimes it can be a little bit tough to figure out exactly what you want. Here’s some simple rustic decor ideas to turn your bedroom into a rustic hideout. Even if you don’t live on a farm or a ranch right now, you can still feel like you’re there.

Also, this is a great idea if you have a chalet or a cottage that you go to on the weekends or in the summer!

When putting together this post, I was trying to blend “cute” and almost girly country with the industrialization of what you would see in a barn or around a farm. Hopefully you like it!

Cast Iron Hooks

Rustic Decor - Cast Iron Hooks

Nothing screams country like cast iron, industrial hooks. These would work in the barn, in the mudroom of a farmhouse just as well as in the bedroom. They’re super versatile, as you can hang anything on them — from sweaters to robes to scarves. To really give them some contrast, you could also use them to hang up bigger or longer necklaces if you already have a closet and you’re using the hooks as more of a decorative feature than anything else.

Stressed Wood Makeup Organizer

Rustic Decor - Stressed Wood Makeup Organizer

Stylish + functional = this organizer. I love the stressed wood look and this will save your dresser or bathroom counter from being a complete disaster.

The little drawers are super cute I think. I would pair this with maybe a cast iron jewlery organizer next to it and I think that would be all you would need in your bathroom or wherever you do your makeup and get ready each morning.

Vintage Planters

Rustic Decor - Vintage Planters

How cute are these??? Putting them near the window in your room, on top of the dresser or shelving in your room is a great way to add a bit of nature. The vintage writing adds a great touch.

Farm Themed Throw Pillows

Rustic Decor - Farm Themed Throw Pillows

These throw pillows can be added to the bed itself or if you have a larger chair, couch or loveseat in your room, you can also add them there. Not only are they hilarious but you can’t get much more country than this.

Stressed & Bleached Decorative Antlers

Rustic Decor - Country Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom 1

If you’re looking for something a little bit classier but still country, these are the way to go. Installing these in the wall above your bed will add a classy but rustic feel to your room. They’re a great addition, especially if you have stressed, bleached furniture or a lot of white or creamy lace.

Mason Jar Dispenser

Rustic Decor - Mason Jar Dispenser

I think a couple of these would look great in the bathroom to complete the feel.

Industrial String Lighting

Industrial String Lighting

Usually you see industrial lighting like this outdoors but I thought it would create a very rustic feel inside.

You could thread these:

  1. Over the top of the head board of your bed
  2. Around a dresser
  3. Circling a mirror
  4. Around the frame of your bathroom or closet door
  5. Around a window frame in your bedroom

Anywhere really! I just think they’re super cute.

Voila! Chic & Country Style Rustic Decor

Let me know what you think of this rustic decor, and if you have any more suggestions.

I would love to see how the decorating turned out so feel free to post pictures in the comments below!


Rustic Decor - Country Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom 3

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