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saddles tack and equipmentDo you find that online resources on tack and equipment are often confusing and not to the point?

Well no more!

Here, you can learn about everything you need and want to know about horse tack and beyond.

I also find that there is also so many different types and brands of tack to choose from online. I mean it was difficult enough when you just went to the store and had 50 english saddles to choose from. Now you go online and you have beyond thousands. You might narrow it down a little by price and the semi-descriptive titles but there’s still an overwhelming number of products to consider.

Tack is expensive and you want the most value for your dollar but trying to find and sift through scattered reviews online is a hassle that you really just don’t have time for.

That’s where I come in!

Let me do the dirty work for you so you know with confidence exactly what you’re buying every time. Personally, I like to refer to a lot of tack from Amazon.com. I still urge you to go to the local tack shop and take a look. But this is mainly because used equipment is available there, which means it’s cheaper!

You will find everything you need to know about equestrian tack and equipment here. Whether you are looking for a particular kind of saddle, or you want to know the differences between western and english bridles or you just want to know how to properly wrap your horses legs – this is the place for you.

Horse Tack

Tack can be split into 3 major categories:

  1. English
  2. Western
  3. Training and Other
english saddle tack and equipment

English saddle

western saddle tack and equipment

Western saddle

Within these categories there are different items of tack:

  • saddles
  • girths
  • flanks/back cinches
  • stirrups
  • bridles
  • halters
  • hackamores
  • longeing cavessons
  • longe lines
  • reins
  • bits
  • harnesses
  • breastplates
  • martingales
  • surcingles
  • cruppers
  • saddle blankets
  • saddle pads

Other Equipment

Other equestrian equipment includes protective, everyday and extra items:

  • leg wraps
  • horseshoes
  • blankets
  • sheets
  • toys
  • stall supplies
  • tack room supplies
  • feeding room supplies
  • washing supplies
  • riding arena supplies
  • hay bags and nets
  • mucking supplies

We will be there with you for your tack-filled journey. Whether you have questions like what types of tack go together? When you need certain types of tack? What other equipment you need? What brand you should buy? We will help you through it all: start reading more about tack here!



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  1. Celeste

    Thanks for the great article. You are correct in saying there are thousands of choices when it comes to tack and equipment and often I don’t know where to start if I’m shopping on line. I didn’t know that tack can be split into 3 categories. so I guess I’ve learn something new. Looking forward to more informative articles.

    • Martina

      Hey there Celeste!

      Thank you for your positive feedback, and I’m happy you learned something new – hope you get more value from this site 🙂



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