1. Rachel Lannister

    I’d heard that horses required a lot of care and that feeding was an essential part of that. You wrote that horse supplements are either to help improve the coat of the horse or help them have great energy. Being able to improve those aspects of your horse would be great, as it would make riding them a lot more enjoyable and you would be able to go for longer. Thanks for the informative read.

    • Martina

      Hey Rachel!

      That is very true – regulating the amount of feed and time of feeding is extremely important for maintaining your horse’s health. And yes different supplements are used for different purposes and should be very specifically tailored to your horse’s needs.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!


    • Martina

      Hi Ana,

      Weaving is your horse showing restlessness and anxiety – a herb for calming would be Valerian. Also how often is your horse stalled for? They might be a little bit restless if they’re inside too much

      Hope that helps!
      Martina 🙂

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