Useful Horseback Riding Techniques That You Should Always Keep in Mind

Horseback riding is a fun activity as well as a very good exercise for your body and mind. Whenever you think you are feeling a bit down, just go for horseback riding and you will feel better. It is such a fun activity that I believe it will help you to forget your problems while you are involved in it.

Useful Horseback Riding Techniques That You Should Always Keep in Mind

Horseback riding techniques

In this blog post, I will share some useful horseback riding techniques you need to follow if you are planning to ride a horse. However, if this is your first time, I recommend you ride with the guardian or instructor because it will be difficult for you to handle a horse on your own.

It is not what you see in movies

Horse riding is not what you see in movies that someone just grabs a horse and rides. You need proper techniques to ride a horse otherwise you will get yourself hurt. It is not as easy as it seems and not everyone can do it in the best way.

Safety and dress code

The first thing that I always recommend is that you should always wear a horse riding helmet. Safety is the most important thing while riding such a huge animal. Wear the comfortable boots that fit the stirrup with a little heel of about one inch to prevent your feet from slipping.

Rider’s Attire: Proper Dress code for your safety

Wear jodhpurs pant or any long-lasting pants. Wear any shirt with which you are comfortable. Make sure your shirt is not too long that comes under your hip. Wear gloves if you like.

Approaching the horse

This is one of the most important things to build a friendly relationship with your horse. Most people wonder why the horse is friendly for one person and aggressive for another person, the reason behind this is that most of the horses don’t like to be approached in a straight line.

Try to approach your horse in an arc or some other way. Don’t ever try to approach straight towards him, from the back side, directly in front of him, direct eye-contact or try to force control him. The horse is a powerful and unpredictable animal. You might get yourself hurt if you are not careful.

Approaching a Horse Safely

Try to stand in front of him and not in a straight line but in the direction of the horse, from a little distance. Ask him for permission with a friendly smile or wave your hand. If the horse notices you, leaving what he was doing and looks at you, you are granted the permission. Go a bit closer and pet your horse gently or give him your hand to smell.

Mounting and Correct alignment of the body

You can’t just jump over and sit on the saddle. There are proper techniques of mounting the horse and sitting on the saddle. Before jumping on the saddle, make sure everything from the saddle to bridle is correctly tied. Ask your trainer which side to mount your horse.

If you are a beginner, then I would recommend that you should ask a little help from your trainer and let him hold the horse while you are mounting. Mount the horse gently, don’t kick his body or else he will move forward, considering it is a command to move forward.

While sitting on the saddle, make sure your whole body is in a straight line. Your ear, shoulder, hip, and heels should be in a straight line. Your shoulders and back should be straight. Hold your hands approximately 6 inches above and in front of the saddle.

Your feet should be in the saddle in such a way that your toes should face upward. Don’t lean your lower leg more forward or backward, keep a balance between these two extreme positions.


Press your feet inside a little on the sides of the horse to make him move. If your horse doesn’t understand your command, gently kick him on the side to start moving.

To move him towards the right, pull the reigns towards right a little and to move him towards the left, do the same process towards the left.

Don’t do it very quickly and with pressure, it will hurt the mouth of your horse.Mounting and Correct alignment of the body

To stop the horse, gently pull the reigns backward with a call. If your horse is moving very fast or become uncontrollable and you want to stop it then pulling both the reigns will not work. It will hurt the horse if you do it with pressure and he will become more aggressive.

Try using only one reign. When you pull only one reign, you force to bend the neck of your horse and he will never be able to run any further with a bent neck.

Don’t hold reigns too tight or it will hurt your horse. To learn about some other useful horseback riding techniques, visit the following page:

Useful Horseback Riding Techniques That You Should Always Keep in Mind

Horses are unpredictable and can be dangerous animals. Don’t ride your horse when you are not well. Horseback riding needs full concentration and good health. Here are some tips for safe horseback riding. Horses can look around themselves as their eyes are so powerful that can look in a circle as well.

They can sense your feeling if you are scared, aggressive or whatever and they will behave accordingly.

Watch this quick video to learn Most Common Mistakes made by Beginner Riders:

Please comment below if you have any questions or comments!

Happy horseback riding!

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for going over some tips for horseback riding. I’m really glad that you mentioned that it’s important to always have a horse riding helmet, especially when riding a huge animal. As far as I know, it sounds like it could be useful to have multiple, just in case you may need a backup.

    • You’re welcome, Taylor and I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading this post. Yes, you’re right! Having multiple helmets would be really useful!



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