1. Allan

    I’ve always wondered what went into keeping horses healthy, given their strenuous workouts, and grueling races. I really like watching the Triple Crown races on TV, and would really love to go see them in person some day. Do you ever attend the Triple Crown races? Does anyone you know own race horses? It’s too bad that you don’t own your own horse, but I’m glad you get to ride on occasion!

    • Martina

      Hey Allan!

      Yes, there’s definitely work that needs to be in to keep very athletic horses healthy and injury free. Vitamin E is just one of the many things. There’s other supplements that horses can take as well – especially for preventing arthritis and joint degradation. Furthermore, the way that they’re trained plays a huge role.

      And not just for race horses – competitive hunter/jumper and eventing horses also need more care than your average backyard pony. I have watched them on TV many times but I’ve never had the opportunity to go in person as I live in Canada but one day I would love to. I have a cousin that is a retired jockey and I have lots of friends and know barns where show horses are kept and trained but not race horses. It’s extremely expensive to run a racehorse farm and actually one of my personal dreams 🙂



  2. Katerina Markakis

    Hey Martina!

    What an informative post! I honestly had not idea that vitamin E could be the secret to solving so many horse issues we face everyday.

    Makes me think also what the vitamins might be able to do for us, don’t you agree? Thank you so much for all the amazing info and I will make sure to look into into the supplement.

    • Martina

      Hey there Katerina!

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback. And yep Vitamin E is definitely a trick used by plenty of horse owners, trainers and vets especially when dealing with older, sick or very athletic horses.

      Haha, yep! Vitamin E would probably do us wonders too although I’m not sure if it affects us in exactly the same way, I would have to look further into it. I hope that should you decide to try out the supplement that it’s helpful for you and your horse(s). Definitely let me know what you think when you have a chance!



  3. Dan

    You can also buy Health-E at many local feed & farm supply stores, as well as at local tack & harness shops, nationwide.

    • Sophie

      Thanks for your comment Dan. Yes, you’re right, Health-E is easily available at many stores nationwide.


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