1. WMP

    Great website, I had never heard of anything like this before, I never knew that there were blankets that were custom made for horses. And it seems like there’s quite a variety of blankets to choose from.

    Well I can understand it because horses are not covered in fur so you need the blankets to keep them worm in the winter time. I think I just learnt something new here on your website.

  2. ches

    I’ve not heard of this make of blanket before. When I used to have horses, many moons ago, these rugs were always known as ‘New Zealand’ rugs here in the UK.
    This particular rug though looks very sturdy and comfy for the horse.
    As for the details like the quick release clip, these look excellent. I must admit I hate velcro.
    The biggest problem I had with rugs was when the horse rolled. The rug would often skew to one side and it was always needing adjusting.
    It seems things have come on a bit since my day. These rugs look so well taylored that I imagine a roll will make no difference to it fitting snugly. Great post. Ches

    • Martina

      Hi Ches,

      Thank you for your comment! Oh really? I didn’t know that. I’m from Canada 🙂 Yes this one is one of my favourites and probably my favourite rug brand overall. It’s just made so well and it lasts through everything.

      I totally understand your hatred of velcro! It’s the worst and if it gets wet a lot then the stickiness is gone before you know it.

      And no you won’t have any problem with rolling. I’ve even known horses play fighting and nipping at each other in the pastures and the blanket still coming back just fine. It’s expensive for sure but if you manage to get it used then its not too bad and I would say its one of those things that really is worth the money.

      The only issue with this one is because it is so tailored, its even more important to get the right size. So the worst thing would be having to return it to adjust to size, but I have another post on how to measure your horse – which I’m sure your already familiar with. And by doing that first you really minimize your chances of ordering wrong 🙂



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