WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200 Review – Dry Makes Happy and Healthy

If you’re living in a wet area, then you know how important it is to keep your horse dry but not wrap her up in heavy blankets that will simply trap the moisture and cause even worse problems!

That’s why I’ve decided to find a waterproof blanket that is actually waterproof while also being breathable and durable.

As an overview, the WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200 is designed to be 100% waterproof, complete with taped seams to keep moisture out.

Additionally, the inside layer of 210D Oxford Polyester against the horse is made to be hydrophilic (water attractant) so it draws excess sweat from the horse to keep her dry and happy.

WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200 Review

Standard Neck Medium

This blanket is great for turnout or even simply stall-wear in cooler or moist conditions – the Heavy 360g Polyfill is perfect for keeping your horse warm during the cold months. But also available are the Medium 220 g and Lite 0 g Polyfill versions suited for cool and mild temperatures, respectively.

The Freestyle 1200 design

The durable and tailored design is ideal for turnout and if you size right you won’t ever have to worry about chafing, sores, tears or any discomfort for your horse.

Also if you have a spirited horse that you know likes to play a lot, you don’t have to worry about him or her getting sweaty and cold afterwards.

Detach-A-Neck Heavy

The tailored design consists of the Cupped Shoulder Dart, which is stitching outwards around the shoulders to provide cupping and thus prevent rubs. This together with the Forward Positioned Gusset allows for free and unrestricted leg movement.

The blanket also features extra padding on the chest and includes Wither Relief Pads made from 210D Oxford polyester which provides extra comfort, protection and alleviates pressure from the withers and nuchal ligament.

Many blankets use velcro that wear down quickly and are easily ripped off over time or buckles which are annoying to do and undo. Instead, WeatherBeeta has rust-resistant metal snaps labelled as Quick Clip Release Chest Closures at the front so you don’t have to fuss with them forever.

Once I was riding this spirited mare and she loved to eat – and I mean LOVED. So every time I would try to prep her for a ride and there was still any hay left in her stall, she would refuse to lift her head. I had to undo the buckles on the front of her blanket in increments while simultaneously pushing her over with my body so that I could actually get to them. With the quick clasps as seen below, this would have been done in a second.

WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200 Review
Image from

There’s also the Full Wrap Tail Flap, a patented design which is larger than the usual tail flap and provides great protection from wind and rain while still allowing your horse to life his or her tail.

Its the outer layer made from 1200 Denier Triple Weave rip-stop polyester and the use of snaps as opposed to velcro, as mentioned above, results in greater quality, strength and durability of this blanket. This blanket will last you a while even if your horse is fighting, rolling, chewing or scratching at it. Other convenient features include removable, stretchy web leg straps, low cross surcingles and reflective panels to make your horse easily visible at night or in foggy conditions.


What do I think?

I am a big believer in getting a durable, good quality product that will last you longer even if it will cost you more.

My biggest annoyance is products that are made poorly and fall apart before you know it. The market is full of these and you need to avoid them especially when it comes to horses.

That’s why I’m a huge supporter of WeatherBeeta. Are they expensive? Holy crap yes! But at the same time they know what they’re doing and it truly is the best for your horse. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

Recap of top features of WeatherBeeta 1200

  • 100% waterproof
  • sweat resistant
  • crazy durability
  • comfort padding on the chest
  • padding on the withers that decreases pressure
  • shoulder cupping to prevent rubbing
  • snaps instead of velcro or buckles
  • Polyfill versatility to fit your climate

Customized options for you

I’ve found that the cheapest place to buy these blankets is through, and trust me for what they cost it’s best to buy them as cheap as possible. I’ve listed all of their options below so please let me know if you want some help choosing or more information!

Also, if you do decide to get one, you might want to quickly read my post on how to get the right sizing and always go to the bigger size if your horse is between sizes! There’s nothing more annoying than having to return a blanket because it’s the wrong size, don’t you think?

The High Neck and Detach-A-Neck are meant for horses that live in pretty wet conditions and spent a lot of time turned out. If you’re living somewhere where it’s only really wet and rainy for a season and you stall your horse for a chunk of time as well then I wouldn’t worry too much about these more expensive options.

Also, remember that you don’t want to get too heavy! If you’re not living somewhere that gets really cold, opt for a lighter blanket. Although the WeatherBeeta does a great job of essentially wicking the sweat away from your horse’s body, remember that horses are very intolerant of being hot. The blanket is not going to do much good if your horse spends most of the day too sweating because he’s just too hot.

The Standard Neck: Wet Conditions 

Lite in Burgundy
Lite in Burgundy

The High Neck: Very Wet Conditions 

Medium in Teal
Medium in Teal

The Detach-A-Neck: Variable Moisture Conditions from Wet to Very Wet 

Medium in blue
Medium in blue

One last thing!

I know its annoying and yet another expense, but I do recommend sending your blankets out to be washed. This will ensure they last much much longer and you don’t have to worry about compromising the waterproofing overtime.

If you aren’t able to, then you can machine wash in cold water on GENTLE with MILD detergent. Never put your blanket in the dryer – simply put it out to air dry.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your questions and comments below!

Happy riding 🙂

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6 thoughts on “WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200 Review – Dry Makes Happy and Healthy”

  1. Great website, I had never heard of anything like this before, I never knew that there were blankets that were custom made for horses. And it seems like there’s quite a variety of blankets to choose from.

    Well I can understand it because horses are not covered in fur so you need the blankets to keep them worm in the winter time. I think I just learnt something new here on your website.

  2. I’ve not heard of this make of blanket before. When I used to have horses, many moons ago, these rugs were always known as ‘New Zealand’ rugs here in the UK.
    This particular rug though looks very sturdy and comfy for the horse.
    As for the details like the quick release clip, these look excellent. I must admit I hate velcro.
    The biggest problem I had with rugs was when the horse rolled. The rug would often skew to one side and it was always needing adjusting.
    It seems things have come on a bit since my day. These rugs look so well taylored that I imagine a roll will make no difference to it fitting snugly. Great post. Ches

    • Hi Ches,

      Thank you for your comment! Oh really? I didn’t know that. I’m from Canada 🙂 Yes this one is one of my favourites and probably my favourite rug brand overall. It’s just made so well and it lasts through everything.

      I totally understand your hatred of velcro! It’s the worst and if it gets wet a lot then the stickiness is gone before you know it.

      And no you won’t have any problem with rolling. I’ve even known horses play fighting and nipping at each other in the pastures and the blanket still coming back just fine. It’s expensive for sure but if you manage to get it used then its not too bad and I would say its one of those things that really is worth the money.

      The only issue with this one is because it is so tailored, its even more important to get the right size. So the worst thing would be having to return it to adjust to size, but I have another post on how to measure your horse – which I’m sure your already familiar with. And by doing that first you really minimize your chances of ordering wrong 🙂




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