Western Trail Riding – 3 Reasons Why It Is So Great

Western trail riding is a fantasy for most, and we’re going to let you in on why this riding style is such a dream.

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    Why Western for a Trail Ride?

    Ever envisioned yourself riding through fields of endless green grass and hills on a Western saddle? Most of us do and I’ll tell you from experience the best trail rides are specifically, Western trail riding.

    Why? Well, it is relaxed, it is easy, and it is comfortable.

    If you’ve never ridden in a western saddle before and you are only familiar with English saddles; our read on Western vs English will give you a better understanding of the difference in styles.

    Western Trail Riding

    I personally love the style of a Western, not only does it look cool but it feels great. It is comfortable and it feels so safe. You have more support on your back and your stirrups are really big and airy. Everything is well suited for an enjoyable Western tail ride.

    Train Your Horse To Know the Difference

    I mean it. You can very well train your horse to know the difference in saddling up for an English ride or a Western ride.

    If you are able to nurture this communication between you and your horse, you are able to let your horse know “Hey, today, we’re taking it nice and easy.”

    It’s a polite way of mentally asking your horse to ready themselves for an easy ride.

    Western Saddle vs. English Saddle.

    Have any idea how to do this? If not, I’ve written a step-by-step guide on mastering the art of communication between you are your horse. Check it out here.

    I’ve personally done this with my horses in the past, and it’s beautiful. There is no spooking, no running, just calmness.

    The way Western trail riding should be enjoyed.

    I often enjoy venturing with other riders. It’s more fun for both me and my horse. Remember the importance of the buddy system. This is a nice time to put that system into action.

    It’s a dream to ride through fields and keep up some great horse conversation with another rider. Knowing, your horses are very well doing the same.

    Just feels right, like a two way healthy relationship.

    Western Trail Riding is Key to a Healthy Horse

    Just as you show up to work on days and just aren’t in the mood, your horse can often feel that same way. Perhaps its really muggy out, or maybe that time of the month.

    Use this day to slow things down between you and your horse. Let them learn the importance of bonding through a Western trail ride.

    Your horses are allowed to have off days as well, they aren’t machines, they are living creatures.

    Don’t try to always be at work with your horse, try to have fun with them.

    Western Trail Riding. Buddy System.

    I will let you in on this secret, riding in a Western through grass fields, and shaded forests is the most exciting adventure ever for your horse friend.

    Try to remember as a child when you went on a field trip with your school.

    It was the most exciting day EVER! It wasn’t only exciting once you arrived, it was exciting on the bus on the way there, it was exciting after the trip when you went home and reflected on your day.

    It is the same experience for your horse. With the right training they will come to accociate the Western saddle with all those same beatiful feelings you felt.

    Now tell me, after returning back from one of those trips, did you have a differnt outlook on your teacher or perhaps a few class mates?

    I always did. I just somehow connected with them better.

    Now, imagine for a horse. They very well know you are providing them the experience to go out and have fun with YOU! Think of how beautiful of a bond that creates.

    Western Trail Riding in the snow.

    Feed into that nature, literally. Let them graze, let them explore, have fun!

    Hope you enjoyed my write up on Western Trail Riding! I would love to hear your feedback.

    Happy riding!

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