What to Get Your Horse for Christmas

We’ve all heard of crazy cat ladies, right? Well, I think I’m a crazy horse lady. And that’s because this year, well before I started planning Christmas gifts for my boyfriend and family, I started planning what to get my horse for Christmas.

Okay, you’re reading a horse website, so chances are you can relate. And it’s not that crazy, right? I just feel like my horse really deserves a nice treat, especially now it’s starting to get colder.

So I’ve brainstormed 7 ideas for what you can get your horse for Christmas!

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    They range from the cheap and cheerful to extremely glamorous, so there’s something there for every mare (and stallion, and filly, and gelding…).

    Let’s get into it! In no particular order, here are 7 ideas for horse Christmas gifts.

    What to Get Your Horse for Christmas: Foodie Gifts

    #1: Homemade Horse Treats

    I love these super easy to make horse treats by Little House Living!

    They’ve only got five ingredients, which is a win in my book. They also have human-friendly ingredients, so if you get really hungry on a trail ride, you and your horse can have the same snack. Is that weird? Maybe that’s weird.

    #2: Vitamin E Supplement

    Around this time of year (and in the height of summer as well), our horses tend to get a little less green grass than usual. This can be a real problem, because that means they’re getting less Vitamin E than usual. They might even be getting less than they need.

    Low Vitamin E can affect your horse’s muscle cell/tissue repair and regeneration, skin cell/tissue repair and regeneration, nutrient storage and use, proper immune function, proper toxic processing and liver function, eye function and other neurological functions. If you want to learn more, I have a whole post about the issue!

    So if you think your horse might not be getting enough Vitamin E, you could always get them some for Christmas. I recommend Health-E Vitamin E.

    Vitamin E for Horses

    What to Get Your Horse for Christmas: Grooming Supplies

    #3: Weaver Leather Grooming Kit

    So I’ve been looking at my old grooming supplies recently and thinking that it might be time for some new ones.

    If you’re like me, maybe you’re searching for some inspiration?

    A few years ago one of my friends got this amazing Pink Weaver Leather Grooming Kit. At the time, I had a look over it, and wrote a review about the contents.

    Weaver Grooming Kit: What to Get Your Horse for Christmas

    I’ve found out that they’re still available on Amazon, so now I’m thinking maybe I’ll get one as a gift for my horse?

    They’re also available in beige, if you’re not super keen on the bubblegum pink.

    #4: Mane N’ Tail Shampoo

    This shampoo is such a cult classic that I’ll be kind of surprised if you haven’t used it before.

    But if you haven’t, now would be a great time to try!

    Mane N’ Tail is an excellent horse shampoo. It’s so good, actually, that there’s been a rumour circulating that it even makes human hair grow longer and thicker. I did a little experiment on my own hair – if you’re interested to learn more, you can read my results here!

    Mane N' Tail Shampoo and Conditioner Combo: What to Get Your Horse for Christmas

    Spoiler alert though, I did eventually decide that it was better for my horse’s hair than for mine. But in saying that – it’s really good for my horse’s hair. So it comes highly recommended from me.

    What to Get Your Horse for Christmas: Cute Accessories

    #5: Rose Gold Browband

    Okay, so I’m a sucker for rose gold on anything. I wrote a whole article on how much I love it, actually.

    And one of my favourite pieces from that article was this gorgeous rose gold browband.

    Rose Gold Thin Crystal Wave Black Browband: What to Get Your Horse for Christmas

    Isn’t it just beautiful?

    And you know what – it would be super easy to get yourself something to match (or convince a family member or special someone to). Gemma J has this stunning rose gold horseshoe necklace, for example.

    Rose Gold Horseshoe Necklace

    #6: Orange Brushing Boots

    If you’re a cross country rider, you really should be investing in a pair of brushing boots. These will reduce impact on your horse’s legs if they come into contact with any obstacles.

    Even if your horse is just having problems with overreaching, getting them a pair of boots to wear while they work on their gait is a great idea.

    Color Elite XC Boot with ARTi-LAGE Technology

    This is where these Majyk Equipe boots come in. I think the pop of colour they have is so snazzy. I included the ones pictured above in my post on how to incorporate orange into your riding wardrobe, but they have other colours to choose from as well.

    #7: Cashel Deluxe Saddle Bag

    Finally, I know that a saddle bag might not seem like something your horse would want. After all, it’s another thing for them to carry, right?

    But hear me out.

    A saddle bag means that you bring things on your trail ride. And those things might be treats. They might even be the treats that I listed at the top of this post! And that would be a win for your horse.

    So let’s take a look at the Cashel Deluxe Saddle Bag. A couple of years ago I reviewed the absolute best saddle bags on the market, and this one came out on top.

    Cashel Deluxe Horse Saddle Bag

    I would also say that if your old saddle bag is looking sad, your horse will thank you for a new, better fitting one. And this one could be it!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    I hope this has helped you to decide what to get your horse for Christmas. Or maybe it’s convinced you that yes, they really do deserve a special treat for the holiday season?

    Either way, I wish you, your horse and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.

    If you have any questions for me about these products, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments! I’m also happy to provide additional advice on other Christmas gifts, if you haven’t found the right one yet.

    Happy riding!

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