Horse Hoof Care Essentials

Horse Hoof Care Essentials to Keep Hooves Healthy

Hoof care is easy to take for granted until you’re having an issue with your horse’s hooves and you realize how important they are! In this post, I cover the essentials to ensure your horse’s hooves stay healthy and sound. There’s a popular understanding that horses have what’s known as a “delicate constitution”: they get …

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The Best Horse Supplements

The Best Horse Supplements

Are you looking for the best horse supplements to keep your horse in good health? You’ve come to the right place! We believe in the targeted use of supplements that actually work. By that we mean that we don’t want to recommend anything that your horse doesn’t need, or something that doesn’t work. But we …

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Vitamin E for Horses

Vitamin E for Horses

There’s plenty of hype about vitamin E and how it’s the “cure all” for all your horse’s problems. But is vitamin E for horses really that important? And if so, why? The short answer is YES. Vitamin E is really important for horses. If your horse is grazing sufficiently, they should be getting enough vitamin E unless …

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Should You Care About Horse Supplements?

Horse Supplements

Much like human supplements, horse supplements that target their joints contain key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, omega fatty acids, collagen, etc. These compounds help promote healthy joint function through cartilage maintenance and repair. Also, much like human supplements, it’s not always clear how to choose the best horse supplements. But don’t panic! …

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