Horse Bonding Exercises

5 Essential Horse Bonding Exercises [Relax First, Perform Better!]

I’ve always dreamed of having this perfect relationship with my horse. I want to show my horse I love him and I want him to love me. Of course, the reality can sometimes be much different. I find this is true if you’re focusing primarily on performance and obedience.  I remember times I would be …

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Stop Rushing In The Canter

Stop Rushing In The Canter

In order to slow down a horse’s canter both for flat work and when jumping, it’s important to know why the horse is going so fast. There are various reasons that a horse might be rushing. I break them down into what I’ve experienced to be the three most common reasons here: 3 Reasons Your Horse …

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How to Calm an Anxious Horse

How to Calm an Anxious Horse

Just like humans, horses can build up anxiety. Horses are built to live in a state of “rest-and-digest” where they’re parasympathetic nervous system is more activated than they’re sympathetic nervous system. If these sound like foreign words to you, don’t worry – they did to me too!  Essentially, the sympathetic nervous system gets activated to tell …

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Review of LeMieux Stirrups

Review of LeMieux Stirrups 8

I was in the market for new stirrups at the beginning of this year (2021) and I decided to go for the LeMieux Vector Balance stirrup. In the review below, I talk about the difference between Balance and Control and why I went for the Balance stirrups. What Are LeMieux Stirrups Lemieux stirrups are the …

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