The 5 Best Waterproof Riding Boots

It’s the rainy season, and as I slosh about the stables in ankle-deep mud, I am so grateful for my waterproof boots. Do you have a favorite waterproof boot that keeps your feet dry and warm?

If not, I’ve got some great recommendations for you. Here are some amazing riding boots to meet all your wet feet requirements.

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    Top Choice for the Overall Best Waterproof Riding Boots

    Some great general and wet weather riding boots are the Ovation Mudster Comfort Rider Boots. These boots are lightweight, making it easier to spend hours at the barn or in the saddle when it’s wet and muddy. 

    But if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, keep reading for more tips on what to look for and other types of waterproof riding boots.

    best waterproof riding boots from mudsters

    Buyer’s Guide for the Best Waterproof Riding Boots

    Before you opt for a brand or fancy look, you should investigate the riding boots you are interested in. Wet weather boots require careful consideration. 

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your wet weather boots.

    Waterproof Factor

    If you want a boot that is flexible enough for riding and will keep most of the water off your feet, you can look at water-repellent boots.

    Working around the barn will often require that you stand in water, often submerged up to your ankles, so look for a boot that is actually waterproof. This means it’s best to choose a boot that’s a pull-on, as zips tend to be a weak point when it comes to waterproof boots.

    Quality Materials

    Having a long-lasting material that will see you wear your boots for a season or three will definitely earn some extra points in my book. Full grain leather uppers are always a favorite, simply because they last longer when correctly cared for.

    Moisture Wicking Inners

    Sadly, waterproof boots can be really hot, especially when spring begins turning to summer. Having a moisture-wicking inner that keeps your feet dry is a huge win in my opinion.

    Fit of the Boots and Comfort

    No matter how great the boot is and how dry it keeps your feet, if your boots are uncomfortable, you will probably not wear them for long. Wet and uncomfortable boots make for blisters, so choose wisely.

    Cost of the Boots

    You don’t want to spend your whole inheritance on a pair of boots, so choose a balance between functionality, quality, and cost. We all have a budget—don’t break yours.

    5 Best Waterproof Boots for Horse Riders

    There are several great waterproof boots on the market, and while one may be comfortable for me, it may pinch you. Fitting a boot is always recommended, but at least you can consider the other technical aspects of these boots and then narrow down your personal wish list.

    Best All-Terrain Waterproof Ladies Boot

    best waterproof riding boots from ariat

    The Ariat Ladies Terrain Pull-On H2O boots are a great set of waterproof boots. The boot is a merging of a work boot and a Western boot, making it a stylish and practical option.


    • Waterproof pro membrane lining for a completely waterproof boot
    • Full grain leather upper for great maintenance, endurance, and quality
    • Moisture wicking lining to keep toes dry and toasty in winter
    • Well-ventilated boots for foot health
    • Great support with the ATS technology inner sole
    • EVA midsole ensures efficient shock absorption
    • Duratread outer sole ensures non-slip in rough terrain
    • Pull-on tabs help with putting the boot on
    • Available in 10 different sizes (including half sizes for a perfect fit)
    • Brown and dark brown colors available
    • Price starts at $159.95


    • Sizing is slightly off the sizing of other boots, so use the sizing chart to ensure a correct size
    • Can be slightly hard to fit
    • With slender calves, the boot shafts are a little big
    • Heavier boots can tire out your feet
    • Slightly overpriced due to the brand name

    Buy at Stateline Tack | Buy on Amazon

    Best Waterproof Lightweight Riding Boots

    waterproof riding boots from mudster

    If you have to walk through mud to get your horse and then ride out too, a good quality but lightweight pair of waterproof boots is super convenient. Enter: the Ovation Mudster Comfort Rider Boots. Meeting the criteria of being waterproof up to the ankle and water resistant to the knee, these boots are lightweight enough to ride in comfortably.


    • High quality rubber shoe section of boot
    • Grippy rubber sole for extra tread support
    • Neoprene upper with drawstring closure to keep your legs dry
    • Spur rest to help while schooling your horse in wet conditions
    • An overall sturdy boot with enough flexibility to make it suitable for riding
    • Priced at $84.95


    • The boot shaft is somewhat restrictive in size, making it less ideal for those with large calves or when wearing jeans
    • Only waterproof up to the ankle, and deeper water will penetrate the neoprene if the boots are submerged

    Buy at Stateline Tack | Buy on Amazon

    Most Comfortable Fitting Waterproof Boot for Larger Calves or Jeans

    waterproof horse riding boots from dryshod

    The Dryshod Ladies Haymaker Gusset Boots are great fitting boots if you prefer to wear jeans or have larger-sized calves. This stylish boot features a gusseted back, creating extra room for greater comfort around the leg. Order the men’s boots here.


    • Molded outsole that copes with rugged terrain
    • Non-pigmented gum rubber outer for 100% waterproofing
    • EVA midsole reduces cold from wet terrain
    • Removable liner sock for easy cleaning and fit
    • Additional two inches on shaft for extra protection
    • Roll the upper edge over for warmer weather or to tuck in jeans
    • Gusseted back allows extra comfort and a more generous fit
    • Available in six sizes, including half sizes
    • Genuine rubber, not PVC or PU
    • Priced at $159.95


    • The pull tabs may eventually pull off when fitting the boot, making fitment an issue down the line

    Buy at Stateline Tack | Buy on Amazon

    Best Waterproof English Showing Half-Boots

    waterproof riding boots from ariat

    The Ariat Ladies Wexford H2O Boots are a great option for those who show and worry about walking through water before their show classes. Fit these ankle boots with gaiters or chaps for showing, and rest assured your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day in water conditions below the ankle edge.

    And they are much more stylish than most of the other waterproof riding boots!


    • Waterproof Pro barrier that includes a waterproof outer leather upper
    • Traditional twin gore for flexibility and easy on-off
    • Rubber sole
    • Tab at back of ankle for easy fitment
    • Ideal for the summer rain season to splash through shallow pools of water
    • Available in eight sizes
    • Black or brown leather uppers to choose from
    • Priced from $189.95


    • Considering this is a half-boot and doesn’t offer waterproofing above the bottom of the gussets, this boot is quite overpriced
    • Narrow toe cap area
    • Gusset may wear, making the boots oversized

    Buy at Stateline Tack | Buy on Amazon

    Best Budget Warm-Weather Waterproof Boots

    best waterproof riding boots from OEQ

    For a great price and warm-weather cut, the OEQ Ladies Ridge Waterproof Boot are ideal for spring and summer. These ankle boots are waterproof and also very well priced.


    • Feet are kept dry and cool by molded PU footbeds
    • It comes with two sets of inner soles for changes in weather that require a thicker sole, or if getting these for your child, these boots can grow with them
    • High grip outsole
    • Reinforced toe and heel sections
    • The insole is moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and ventilated for keeping feet dry
    • Six inches height from sole to upper edge
    • Priced at a budget-friendly $69.99


    • Boots are not warm enough for winter or colder weather
    • Deeper water will spill over the edge of the ankle boots

    Buy at Stateline Tack

    Caring for Waterproof Boots

    Having chosen the best waterproof boots for your aquatic adventures, you need to ensure the boots stay in the best possible condition by taking care of them.

    Tips for Cleaning Your Boots

    Cleaning your boots every time you wear them is a must. Use these tips to help you maintain and clean your waterproof boots:

    • Use a hoof pick to scrape the bottom of your boot clean every time the yard is muddy or it has rained.
    • Rinse muddy boots and avoid leaving the mud to dry.
    • Keep boots out of harsh sunlight when not being worn.
    • Never leave heavy objects on your boots.
    • Wash your boots once a week to remove any mud or dirt that can collect in the stitches along the boot sole.
    • Clean full grain leather uppers with a saddle cleaning solution and nourish the leather with a high quality leather balm.
    • Use a nail brush to clean out the stitching that secures leather uppers to the sole of the boot.
    • Use beeswax to seal any stitching or shoelaces on the boots to waterproof these.
    • Keep a rag at your stables to wipe your boots down daily as the boots become wet.
    • Dry wet boots in the shade and not in the sun.

    Storing Your Waterproof Boots

    When it’s dry season, you need to keep your waterproof boots neatly stored and prevent any damage to them. A few quick tips on storing your waterproof riding boots:

    • Keep your boots in a closet, where they can’t be damaged.
    • Keep a boot saver inserted in the boot shaft to ensure the boots don’t fold or bend, which could form lines where the boots could split.
    • Even when not wearing your full leather waterproof boots, you should still oil and polish them to ensure the leather stays supple.  

    In Summary…

    Waterproof boots are a must for equestrians. Walking about a wet and muddy yard, mucking out the barn when it’s raining, or even fetching horses at pasture in the rain all require that you have dry feet and are comfortable. 

    Luckily, there are amazing waterproof boots on the market, and with the list I’ve shared, I know you can find a set that will suit you. Read more about jodhpurs and breeches to match your waterproof riding boots.

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