The Best Jeans for Horseback Riding

Are you looking for the best jeans for horseback riding in? I think the outfits are one of the things I love most about Western riding – the cowboy hats, the beautiful boots. But one of the things I love most is a good pair of jeans.

And I tell you, I have worn lots over the years.

Some have been a hit, and some – well, they’ve been a real miss. From not having adequate stretch, to having such a low rise that I was constantly pulling them up, some designers unfortunately just don’t create the best jeans for horseback riding.

So today I thought I would tell you about three of my favourite pairs of jeans – the ones which are the best jeans for horseback riding.

Can’t Go Wrong with Wrangler

Both within and outside the riding world, Wrangler jeans are known for being durable and high quality. I own a couple of pairs – some I use for riding, and others I don’t.

The ones I use for riding are my Q Baby Ultimate Riding Jeans.

Best Jeans for Riding Wranger Q Baby

These jeans are super flexible around the knees, giving me maximum mobility. They also come in nine different colours! The ones pictured are the Aubrey, which I think is the nicest colour.

They also feature a slightly higher rise at the back, so you’re never worried about showing more than you had intended 😉

I am a Sucker for Ariat

Another one of the best jeans for riding comes from Ariat.

Now, if you’ve read any of my riding boots posts, you’ll know that I love Ariat. But I promise I’m not biased! They’re actually just really good quality.

There’s also something to be said for buying your riding jeans from a company that makes riding gear – unlike Wrangler, whose market is definitely a lot broader.

Ariat Real Riding Jeans

These Ariat Real Riding Jeans come in five colours – although I will say, I think I’ve included the nicest option here. The others are darker with light stitching, which isn’t really my thing – but I think they look really good on other people! Just not on me…

And like the Wranglers above, these guys have a slightly higher rise in the back. Such a relief.

Cowgirl Tuff

So I should make a confession here: I don’t actually own a pair of Cowgirl Tuff’s, but one of my best friends does, and she says they’re the best jeans for riding in! So they’re definitely on my shopping list.

Cowgirl Tuff Don't Fence Me In Jeans

But I remember when she first told me she was getting them. I was a little taken aback by one detail. “Martina they’re so cute, and they have this barbed wire detail on the back pockets!”

I was like hmm, that’s… weird. But you know what, she was right! It’s actually really chic and tasteful.

Cowgirl Tuff Back Pocket

It also totally makes sense with the name of the jeans – “Don’t Fence Me In”. I’m sold, to be honest.

Conclusion: These are the Best Jeans for Horseback Riding!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite jeans!

If you want some more riding outfit inspiration, don’t forget to check out our outfits gallery. It’s got lots of great ideas for Western riders, including how to incorporate fun colours like turquoise and orange into your riding apparel.

I would love to hear if you bought (or already own) and of these jeans, and what you think of them. So let me know in the comments below! Which ones do you think are the best jeans for riding?

Oh, and let me know if you’d be interested in a similar review for jodhpurs, or something like that. I’m always planning new blog content, and absolutely love inputs from our readers.

Happy riding 🙂

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Best Jeans for Riding

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