Brighten Up Your Western Wear with a Cheerful Punch of Orange

Are you searching for a signature color for your Western wear that will help you and your horse stand out in a crowd?

Then consider adding a touch of sunshine orange to your Western wear and tack room. Orange is a bright, fun hue that looks great against most horse coat colors, especially black or white.

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    I personally like orange because it’s a color known for its high visibility. And when you’re riding, there are times when it’s important for you and your horse to be seen.

    For example, my favorite season for trail riding is the fall. I just love meandering through the woods on my horse, taking in the beauty of the autumn colors.

    However, there is one major drawback to trail riding in the fall.

    Where I live, it’s the beginning of deer hunting season. So, during this time, I never hit the trails without at least a touch of blazing orange in my Western wear, to alert hunters that I am not a deer.

    Visibility is also important if you have to ride your horse alongside or across busy roads. If you have a dark horse, a driver may not see you if you’re riding on a gloomy evening or if it’s raining. But if you or your horse is wearing a bright pop of orange, a driver will have a better chance of catching sight of you in time to avoid an accident.

    The following are several fun and cool ways to add that touch of sunshine orange to your Western wear outfit and/or tack room.

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    Orange Western Wear for You:

    Equestrian Riding Helmet Cover

    Western Wear - Equestrian Riding Helmet Cover

    Is your riding helmet looking a bit worn? Or are you just in need of a bright pop of orange so that a careless hunter won’t mistake you for a deer coming through the woods? Either way, this bright orange helmet cover will suit your needs. Just slip it on over your helmet and you’re ready to hit the trails.

    • One size, stretches to fit most English and Western riding helmets
    • Elastic around the edge for a snug fit
    • Machine washable, dry on low heat
    • Made in USA

    Tony Lama Ladies Square Toe Magnolia Orange Boots

    Western Wear - Tony Lama Ladies Square Toe Magnolia Orange Boots

    Orange boots? Yup, Tony Lama has come through for lovers of this citrus-y hue with an eye-catching tall cowboy boot that has been accented with gold and white stitching. Plus, these boots aren’t just beautiful. They also have orthotic insoles for comfort and a Buckaroo heel with a spur ledge that works well in the stirrup. We believe these Tony Lama boots are the perfect finishing touch for your western wear look.

    • Leather upper
    • 16-inches tall
    • Slightly distressed finish
    • Scalloped collar

    Willit Women’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt Long Sleeve

    Western Wear - Willit Women's UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt Long Sleev

    If you’re still riding or doing your barn chores in your old cotton t-shirts, it’s time for a change. Cotton absorbs sweat and allows it to sit against your skin. In contrast, this hoodie is crafted from a breathable fabric that has been designed to wick the sweat away from your skin. The sweat then moves to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates. This will keep you feeling cooler and drier on hot days. This shirt also has several features to shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, including long sleeves and a hoodie. And it’s made from a fabric that is rated UPF 50+ — which means that it will give you protection from 98 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

    • Flat lock seams and no care tag on collar for more comfort
    • Machine washable
    • Thumbholes on sleeves to keep them in place
    • Quick drying fabric
    • 100% polyester

    Orange Tack for Your Steed:

    Tough-1 1200 Denier Snuggit Turnout 200G

    Tough-1 1200 Denier Snuggit Turnout 200G

    Sadly, careless hunters sometimes mistake horses turned out in their pastures for deer during the hunting season. To help protect your horse, consider outfitting them in this bright orange turnout blanket. The medium-weight Tough-1 is waterproof and breathable. And it’s durable, so it can take a beating while your horse is out romping in the pasture with his equine buddies.

    • 1200 denier poly material
    • 200g poly fill
    • 210 denier poly lining
    • Taped seams and seamless spine
    • Adjustable Snuggit neck for a custom fit
    • Double-sewn stress points for reinforcement against tears
    • Fleece at withers for protection against rubs
    • Moisture wicking
    • Double buckle front closure and Velcro straps
    • Adjustable low cross surcingle with T-lock fasteners
    • Tail cover
    • Hand wash or use a machine on a delicate cycle

    LED Horse Breastplate Collar

    LED Horse Breastplate Collar

    Trail riding is fun, but it has its challenges, especially during the winter months when it gets dark early. This LED horse breastplate collar will alert drivers and others that you and your horse are on or near the road during poor weather conditions or at night. This collar is also useful in the woods where you may be sharing the trails with bike or ATV riders in low-light conditions.

    • USB rechargeable batteries, 5 hours of battery life per charge
    • Fully adjustable straps
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Three lighting modes — steady, rapid flashing and slow flashing

    Shoo Fly Leggins

    Shoo Fly Leggins

    Biting flies and other insects can make your horse’s life an absolute misery during the summer months. That’s why we like these Shoo Fly Leggins, which are available in a vivid orange. Not only will they protect your horse from biting insects, these leggings could also curtail a lot of the stomping that horses do to rid themselves of annoying bugs.

    • Velcro fasteners
    • May prevent botflies from laying eggs on your horse
    • Could prevent leg and hoof injuries and reduce joint irritation and muscle fatigue caused by excessive stomping
    • Made of flexible plastic mesh to allow for air circulation
    • Pack of 4
    • Sewn-in plastic stays prevent sagging

    Weaver Reflective Padded Halter

    Weaver Reflective Padded Halter

    Isn’t it time to get rid of your boring halter and replace it with one in a vibrant orange? We thinks so, and we believe this one from Weaver is just the right halter for your horse.

    • Padded
    • Brushed aluminum plated hardware
    • Reflective safety stripe
    • Neoprene cushioning for the sensitive points on your horse’s head


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