#1 Best Horse Blanket to Buy: WeatherBeeta Review

If youā€™re living in a wet area, then you know how important it is to keep your horse dry. But, at the same time, you donā€™t want to wrap them up in a heavy horse blanket that will simply trap the moisture and cause even worse problems! Thatā€™s why Iā€™ve decided to find a waterproof ā€¦

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How to Choose theĀ BestĀ Dressage Stirrups

how to choose the best dressage stirrups

Choosing theĀ bestĀ dressage stirrupsĀ involves knowing what you actually need from your stirrups. TheĀ bestĀ dressage stirrupsĀ will be comfortable, help you correct a rider issue you may have, and suit your budget too.

10 Tips & Ideas for a Successful Horse Photoshoot

ideas for horse photoshoot

If you have a horse photoshoot coming up, you want to make sure everything goes right and the photos come out excellent. So, you have to remember to prepare them, yourself, the photographer, and the location for a successful equine photoshoot.