1. Hannah Levi

    Thanks for this great information. I was very worried when my horse started showing bald spots but in the end it turned out to be just shedding unevenly. I did call the vet though because I didn’t want to take any chances. Now I can bookmark your website and use it as a resource for valuable information. Thanks so much! Hannah and Chance.

    • Martina

      Hey Hannah,

      So happy to hear that it was just shedding! Normally that is what it ends up being but us horse gals can’t help getting all worked up 🙂

      And yes – good call, always best to call the vet just incase. No problem – let me know if ever have any other questions!

  2. Pitin

    Thank you so much for providing a very useful guide on what causes the bald spots as well as how to deal with them. I just got my horse and I am trying to learn what should be done in order to properly take care of him. Prevention is better than cure but it also is equally important to know the cure as a lot of things is inevitable nowadays.

    • Martina

      Hey Pitin!

      I noticed you commented on my other post as well 🙂 Seems like you’re trying to brush up on your horse knowledge with your new buddy. That’s wonderful I really hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible with you two. Also yes prevention is key! So make sure to keep your horse dry, watch what he’s eating and don’t expose him too too much to insects if you can help it. Also keep him away from cattle or chickens and other farm animals if you breed those

  3. Michel

    I think that I am going to wear socks permanently from now on then I won’t need to shave my legs lol.

    We used to have horses on our farm but they lived outdoors and grazed on the fields. They were mostly wild. One of the older ones had bald patches here and there on the side of his tummy. We thought it was just old age. Nice to know there are other causes as well. Never thought of moulting, as thought they usually moulted evenly.

    • Martina

      Hi Michel!

      I’ve tried – unfortunately it takes far too long haha

      Some horses tend to shed in patches, especially during the springtime. Although they don’t completely display “bald spots” as they appear when an infection is present (you may not actually see the skin – although in some cases you can), they still can have a patchy appearance that seem like bald spots. This is the most common out of all the other causes I mention above! Also, as I mentioned certain light sources have been speculated to be the cause of patchy shedding (which would most likely show up in the winter) but this would then be a health issue related to melatonin.

  4. Anne

    Thanks for this! A few weeks ago I was really worried when my Quarter mare started to have a few bald spots, I had her checked for parasites and she came back clear. It turned out she was rubbing on the fabric gate because she was itchy with bug bites, but I couldn’t get her to stop itching! Luckily, my friend had a jar of this stuff called coat defense, she swore by it so I thought, why not? It worked PERFECTLY! Not only did she stop itching, but the hair was back within’ a week! If anyone has any of the issues listed above, be sure to give them a try!


    • Martina

      Hey Anne,

      Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

      Yes, chronic itching in the same spots can definitely cause bald patches and you gotta make sure your horses stops to keep them from becoming permanent.

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