Review of LeMieux Stirrups

I was in the market for new stirrups at the beginning of this year (2021) and I decided to go for the LeMieux Vector Balance stirrup. In the review below, I talk about the difference between Balance and Control and why I went for the Balance stirrups. What Are LeMieux Stirrups Lemieux stirrups are the … Read more

Honest Review of ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls – 3 Key Factors

Firstly lets talk about what are half pads, and why do we use them in equestrian riding? Half pads are used to add additional cushioning between your saddle and your horse’s back and some can even be adjusted to improve minor saddle fit issues. P.S. If you’re interested in recommendations for non-slip saddle pads, check … Read more

Why You Need a Riding Helmet Cover

Why you need a riding helmet cover

Riding helmet covers are an often overlooked part of your riding outfit. Sure, some of them come in cool colours. But other than that, they’re not the most exciting thing to be buying. But let me tell you: riding helmet covers are essential. This is especially true if you are going out horseback riding in … Read more