Best Horse Riding Helmets for Safety and Function  

Equestrian sports are known to be some of the oldest in the world, and to this day remain very popular. They’re super fun and can give you a huge adrenaline rush. However, just like any sport, it is essential to have the right gear on at all times for safety. This includes using safe and functional horse riding helmets.

Unfortunately, accidental falls off the horse are pretty common, and there are a few ways riders can get injured. In fact, around 10 to 30% of horseback riding-related accidents cause head injuries.

When it comes to horseback riding, or any sport for that matter, safety must be your number one priority. Getting yourself a nice, durable helmet could literally save your life. To help you, in this article we review three of the best horse riding helmets to find the perfect one for you!

Find Your Fit

Before we start with the list, it’s important to know your head measurement and helmet size. Proper fit is the best criteria to know which helmet is for you. So, how do you find your helmet size? Wrap a tape measure around your head, just above your eyebrows, to measure your head circumference. Secure a copy of your preferred helmet brand’s sizing chart. Your head circumference should match with a specific size.

Try to make sure that your helmet is not too tight or too loose. Having an ill-fitting helmet provides less protection and may cause discomfort.

We browse the internet looking for the best of the best of everything horse-related so we can share these things with you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

Best Horse Riding Helmets: Our Top Three

The three products below were manufactured with the best interest of the riders in mind. We recommend these three based on functionality, cost-effectiveness, style, and comfort.

We browse the internet looking for the best of the best of everything horse-related so we can share these things with you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet

Best Horse Riding Helmets: Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet

If you are on the search for a helmet that will not only fit you but your family as well, then the Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet is exactly what you need. This helmet it has great adjustability, with DialFit technology that makes it easier to fit snugly on any head size and shape. Additionally, this helmet fits absolutely true to size, and you will get four size options starting from XS and going all the way up to large.

It also comes in a variety of colors, like turquoise, pink, and purple, all with different overlay designs. But if you’re looking for something simple, there’s something for you too: it comes in glossy black, or a lovely matte grey named ‘Smoke’.

What is great about this helmet is that it is extremely lightweight. I have sometimes found that my neck is really sore after a long day wearing a heavy helmet. But you won’t find that with this helmet. You can wear it all day, if you want, without causing discomfort. Likewise, it has flex top visor to ensure that your eyes are always protected while you’re out riding.

I think one of the most important features of this helmet is that it maximises airflow. The vent placement allows great breathability to give enough air circulation inside the helmet to prevent too much sweat — not what you want if you have long hair like me!

But on the rare occasion that it does need a wash, the helmet has removable liners. They are machine washable, but I would recommend that you just hand wash and air dry them instead. This will do a better job preserving them over time.


  • Removable and washable liner
  • Fits children and adults
  • Features DialFit System for snug fit
  • Comes in different colors, sizes, and designs
  • Comfortable to use
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) / SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) Certified
  • Vents are strategically placed to promote air circulation


  • The buckle may tend to be difficult to shut or open at times

Ovation Protégé Helmet

The Ovation Protégé Helmet is probably most well-known for how lightweight it is. This helmet weighs in at just under a pound!

It has a great fit, all thanks to the adjustable dial that will make it feel as if it is custom made for you. This product is available in five various sizes, from XS to XL. There are also a number of cool colors to choose from like classic black and white, blue, pink, and amethyst.

This helmet comes with vents on top which will offer you sufficient air flow to keep your head feeling fresh and also keep sweat at bay. But the vents also feature a mesh design, to prevent any bugs or even debris from getting stuck inside, which is not what you want.


  • Comes in a huge number of sizes, colors, and designs
  • The helmet has an adjustable dial that offers you a snug fit
  • Large air vents with mesh to keep you cool while keeping bugs and debris at bay
  • Comfortable to wear
  • ASTM / SEI Certified, and CE Certified to European Standards


  • Not the best helmets for kids

IRH 4G Helmet

IRH (International Riding Helmets) is a well-known brand which has been manufacturing high-quality helmets for years. The company claims that their helmet is a perfect blend of fashion and function, and we must say that we could not agree more! Meet the IRH 4G Helmet – one of the trendiest horseback riding helmets you’ll ever see.

This helmet combines sleek design with high functionality, and the streamline profile gives a professional and powerful look.

Altogether, there are four sizes that this helmet is available in, running from small to extra-large. The helmet is available in black and navy blue, with each color coming in matte and glossy variants.

This helmet comes with superior comfort standards since it has two snap-in liners that provide the rider with a custom fit. These liners have moisture wicking, and dry super quickly if they do get wet or sweaty. They are also interchangeable and can be machine washed and dried. As a bonus, the company offers the inserts in two different thickness for every one helmet purchased. This is to ensure that your helmet feels custom fit for you.

This helmet has two sets of vents: one on the side and the other on the rear. This kind of placement ensures that your head remains cool at all times and also reduces the amount of sweat that can accumulate on long or hard rides. This helmet also has a chinstrap that has a quick release mechanism and a Velcro closure with easy adjustability. The harness is placed at the back of the neck, to avoid any pinching, which is a feature I really like.


  • Vents are placed intelligently for efficient airflow
  • This product is very comfortable to wear and can easily fit any person
  • The chinstrap is easy to remove, adjust, and lock
  • Certified to be safe for use with ASTM F1163-15 standards
  • High-quality, modern, and washable liners


  • The chinstrap tends to be slightly uncomfortable after prolonged use
  • Only two colors to choose from

Conclusion: The Best Horse Riding Helmets Are…

The products above are amongst the three best horse riding helmets on the market right now. All of these helmets are top notch, high quality, and great value for money. You will also be safe wearing them: they all meet American Society for Testing and Materials standards.

If you are one who prefers classic helmets with very little design, then the IRH 4G Helmet is something that you will love while the one from Ovation will be best if you want to stay away from dust and insects. On the other hand, if you are just a new rider who is looking for a helmet for everyday use or if you are buying one for your child, then the Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet is perfect for you. It will be a great helmet your child can grow up using.

Once you’ve purchased your helmet, remember that proper use and maintenance are key, and can add years to the life of your helmet. Clean and care for your helmet as prescribed and instructed based on the material and brand. Always use gentle soap or other types of cleaners to prevent damage. Also, air dry your helmet, and its parts, after using (if you get sweaty or rained on!) and after washing it.

Do you have any more questions about purchasing or caring for your helmet? Let us know in the comments below!

? Happy riding ?

6 thoughts on “Best Horse Riding Helmets for Safety and Function  ”

  1. Hey Martina

    The design on the first helmet caught my eye for my daughter, but I am more a fan of function over fashion. If I choose a helmet for her, I should probably go for something with the right balance of being lightweight with decent protection am I right? I want to make sure she’s safe! 

    Which one of these brands do you think fits that bill?

  2. My granddaughters would love these helmet i sure it would be more about style then saftey but all these helmets seem to be built very well still i would have to lean towards the safest.Not sure but can helmet colors be a distraction to other horses.

    • Hey John,

      I wouldn’t worry about that – I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with a horse spooking at a helmet 🙂


  3. I used to horse ride when I was little. On ponies, it’s not that intriguing, but when you jump on an actual horse which is around 2 meters, things start to get REALLY scary.

    That’s why you should always get yourself a good helmet because many things can go wrong with horse riding.

    • Hey Tyler, hahah yes that is true that things can always go wrong and helmets are definitely a good idea when you’re jumping – you do progress slowly to jumping though generally and it’s not scary when you get the hang of it. 


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