Pelham Bit: Everything You Need to Know

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Finding the right bit for your horse’s mouth can be a bit of a challenge. When your horse has become too strong in hand, you may feel like you need a stronger bit such as a pelham bit. If you rode as a kid, this type of bit was what most like what your horse …

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#1 Best Horse Blanket to Buy: WeatherBeeta Review

Pelham Bit: Everything You Need to Know 2

If you’re living in a wet area, then you know how important it is to keep your horse dry. But, at the same time, you don’t want to wrap them up in a heavy horse blanket that will simply trap the moisture and cause even worse problems! That’s why I’ve decided to find a waterproof …

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Review of LeMieux Stirrups

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I was in the market for new stirrups at the beginning of this year (2021) and I decided to go for the LeMieux Vector Balance stirrup. In the review below, I talk about the difference between Balance and Control and why I went for the Balance stirrups. What Are LeMieux Stirrups Lemieux stirrups are the …

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Saddling a Horse Western Style: 5 Easy Steps

saddling a horse western style

Wondering how saddling a horse western style goes? Well, we’ve helped break it down into 10 easy steps! Before we get into it, make sure you read about the different Horse Riding Styles out there. This will give you a clearer understanding of where Western riding originated from, and it’s tack features functionalities. Step 1: …

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Horse Tack and Accessories Gallery

Horse Tack and Accessories

Buying horse tack and accessories can be a little overwhelming – I certainly find it that way! There’s so much stuff to choose from. How can you know what’s good quality? Here, we’ve compiled a gallery of all of our favourite horse tack and accessories. Everything from blankets to grooming is included! And we’ve picked …

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Cleaning Horse Tack Gallery

Horse Tack Care

Cleaning horse tack is part of the package when you’ve got horses. To help you do this, we’ve put together a gallery of our favourite cleaning products! Taking good care of your tack can be a really rewarding process. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of money on tack if you look after …

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