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I was in the market for new stirrups at the beginning of this year (2021) and I decided to go for the LeMieux Vector Balance stirrup. In the review below, I talk about the difference between Balance and Control and why I went for the Balance stirrups.

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    What Are LeMieux Stirrups

    Lemieux stirrups are the newest, safest, durable stirrups on the market. They are made from aviation grade aluminum and are crafted to provide the utmost stability.

    What’s so cool about these stirrups is it’s safety arm. On one side of the stirrup there is an aluminum arm that releases when a set amount of pressure is pushed onto it.

    You may be wondering the reason for this, or you may very well have experienced why this feature is necessary.

    We don’t want our feet getting stuck in the stirrups. It could lead to some not so cute situations..

    Balance VS. Control

    There are two different type of the LeMieux Stirrups, the LeMieux Balance Stirrup and the LeMiuex Control Stirrup. Both are amazing options, and it’s really just your preference of ride.

    Here’s the main difference…

    The ergonomic footplate of the Balance Stirrup is set at 5º with a cross-track grip surface and mounted on an impact absorbing cushion layer of dynamic polymer with a 70% compression rating.

    The ergonomic footplate of the Control Stirrup is set at 0º with a cross-track grip surface with embedded hardened steel pins to provide maximum security of the boot. The apex of the frame is recessed and off-set, encouraging a 45º outward orientation which makes it easier for the rider to locate the optimum angle for the foot and regain a lost stirrup.

    LeMieux Stirrup

    Therefore, are you more concerned about your control, or your balance?

    How I made the decision to choose the Balance stirrup was given my purpose of riding; I intend to train Rudy on these stirrups.

    Rudy is quite young, and has only been backed a handful of times. Incase of any bucking in my near-training-future, I wanted the best chance at staying on.

    So, the balance Lemieux Stirrups it was.

    Best Purchase Ever

    So far, the LeMieux stirrups have been the best purchase I have ever made!

    Here is the number one reason why.

    Review of LeMieux Stirrups - Discover the Number 1 Reason To Purchase
     LeMieux Stirrups - Black & Silver


    I have started up my equine journey (again), and am well aware of everything to do with horse safety. It actually seems as though I am more aware than ever before, and therefore more cautious…

    That’s where this product comes in.

    I want my best chance back in the saddle.

    The grip on these stirrups give me a chance to balance comfortably. They are made to almost lock onto your foot. This type of security gives me the chance to focus more on everything else going on.

    We all know how much there is to think about when riding. Not only are you aware of yourself, but that beautiful, huge, animal you’re sitting on. After having purchased these, there is one less thing I am thinking about.

    Here is an awesome review from our favourite blogger, enjoy!

    Where to Buy Your LeMieux Stirrups

    They are on the pricier side. I mean we all know how expensive this sport can get.

    However, a safer ride, and peace of mind is worth it for me.

    So, if you are ready to take the dive you may now be wondering where to buy yours. Since I know, they are sold out EVERYWHERE!

    I mean, this is yet another example of how amazing these stirrups (need I say more).

    I personally had to search high and low, I must have tried five different websites before I found them. Needless to say, I did the work for you!

    They are available for purchase through eBay!

    If you are purchasing theses stirrups and maybe some other stuff in the process of buying your first horse, check out my latest write up.

    I hope you enjoyed my review of the LeMieux Stirrups. It’s safe to say, they are worth the money.

    Drop a comment, I would love to know what you think!

    Happy riding!

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    1. Hi,
      Did you have problem with colour of stirrups after some time? I read some comments that after few time the colour rubbed off leaving silver patches on them.


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