Custom Riding Boots – Best 3 Choices

Have you ever thought about rocking a snazzy new pair of custom riding boots? Well, from our experience and research – here are the top 3 best, easy to use fabricators!

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    LM Boots

    Our first choice for custom riding boots would be LM Boots. To have a favourite when there are so many options on the market is bold right?

    The reason we fell in love with this brand was not only because the boot quality is unbeatable, but because the websites user experience is amazingly friendly.

    Now a days, especially during the recent times in person shopping has been limited. Well, this brand has taken the experience of creating your envisioned perfect riding boot, and has made it come to online-life.

    With options to simply change any feature on the boot with a simple click is just so enjoyable. Plus you’re not just guessing at what the boot would look like, it is a live experience. Every feature, no matter how minimal, is shown in real time.

    custom riding boots

    Spending the money on a custom boot should not be a guessing game, it should be an enjoyable, predictable experience.

    They take you through colours, leather type, and every single boot feature.

    We have one more reason why you’ll love them. You can be creating the piece of art as you go, on your own and there are ‘Master Fitters’ all over North America available to chat live.

    If you aren’t on board yet, just know – these are the most inexpensive option as well.

    Yes, yes, and more yes!

    Parlanti International

    Our second favourite choice for custom riding boots is Parlanti International.

    Why second? Ok to be honest, we all know how pricey the sport of horse can be and these boots are just more expensive and the user experience isn’t as great however still good!

    The quality of the boot is amazing, and the style options to choose from are gorgeous.

    Personally, I am a do it myself kind of girl. In order to buy a custom boot from Parlanti International, you have to be in contact with their representatives and upkeep conversation. It is not optional.

    Some of you might prefer this method. You’re in contact, and really able to elaborate with questions and concerns. You’re also able to hear the other out, and perhaps gain some good insight on what your best options are.

    There is a really helpful size chart and guide they have included in the form. The purchase of custom boots comes with spurs, and a Roma bag to go with your boots. I know I am a sucker for Italian fashion however spurs just aren’t my thing.

    I do like the fact that if you are not satisfied with your purchase you are guaranteed a full return!

    The Riding Boot Co.

    Thirdly, we like The Riding Boot Co.

    Although the option to customize is minimal. We love the quality (and price) of these boots.

    You are able to pick your colour, and specify the boot sizing all around. In terms of the details, there are a variety of Italian ready made options to pick from.

    Did we mention, price point is pretty good. You can choose a super trendy, modern looking boot for half the price of fully custom.

    Image Credit:

    Also they have a couple blog posts which we enjoyed reading. As you may have guessed, we are pro-blogging-lovers!

    I love the enthusiasm of this company. They have a mom and pop feel, all while being very classy which I like.

    As they put it, “Once your horse riding boots have been hand-made in Italy, they will be posted straight to your door.”

    There is something about supporting these smaller brands that make it so worth it. They always end up surprising you with their quality and effort.

    Walk-to-Trot riding aide

    Remember, there is also a whole world of riding apparel out there to go with your new boots! Just be sure of what you want, and go for it! If you aren’t sure, well I would suggest going with one of these lovely picks!

    You won’t ever regret custom riding boots, they are a dream come true! Hope you enjoyed this read, if you have any comments or questions we would love to hear from you!

    Happy Riding!

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