How to Establish Flexion

How to Establish Flexion

Today, I wanted to tell you about a problem that I struggled with for a long time. It made it really challenging for me to properly collect my horse. That problem was neck flexion. Whenever I would try to flex my horse’s head, it would invariably overflex, underflex, or not flex at all. Meanwhile the …

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How to Sit the Trot

How to sit the trot

Something that I have really struggled with in the past is how to ‘sit the trot’. Especially with really bouncy horses, I would often find myself feeling like at any moment I could bounce right out of the saddle. Other times, I would wake up the day after sitting trot a prancing horse and feel …

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The Secret Walk-to-Trot Riding Aid

Walk to trot riding aid

I want to address a simple yet important skill that can help you hone in on how well you’re communicating with your horse. The secret walk-to-trot riding aid that I’m going to share with you will help you get up into a trot without all the hassles when you’re riding a slower horse that’s maybe …

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English Riding vs. Western Riding

English Riding vs Western Riding

Okay, so this week we’re just talking about English Riding vs Western Riding!  When I was learning to ride, I started off with English riding. Then, once I’d progressed a certain amount, I learned bareback. But for some reason, I didn’t try Western until I was with some friends in my early teens. So I …

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How To Slow Down A Horse

How to Slow Down a Horse

When I think about how to slow down a horse, I think about two horses in particular: a white horse that I rode at horse camp one year and my own very first chestnut gelding. Both of these horses were extremely “hot”. That is to say that they were naturally fast and full of energy. …

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Overcoming Fear for Riders

Overcoming Fear for Riders

All riders experience fear at some point in their riding careers. I have felt fear more times than I can count, and at so many stages in my riding career. Even nowadays, there are things that make me nervous. Overcoming fear for riders, including myself, is sometimes the biggest barrier to developing our skills. I want …

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Goal Setting for Riders

Goal Setting for Riders

When we’re growing up, we’re taught that setting goals for ourselves is a good thing. By setting goals for ourselves, we’re incentivized to strive for the next level and become better at things. But realistically, have you ever been taught any kind of goal setting for riders? Often when I was younger, other people would set …

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Western Horse Riding Outfits | Turquoise Ideas for the Wild West

Turquoise Outfit Ideas

When I think of Western horse riding outfits, the color turquoise just seems to pair naturally with Western wear and tack. Perhaps it’s because the cool blue gemstones of the same name have long been associated with the Wild West. Turquoise was also treasured by numerous Native American tribes. The Navajo, for instance, believed that these blue …

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