How to Choose the Best Horse Joint Supplement

Finding the best horse joint supplement is not easy

Much like human supplements, horse joint supplements contain key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, omega fatty acids, and collagen. These compounds help promote healthy joint function through cartilage maintenance and repair. Also, much like human supplements, it’s not always clear how to choose the best horse joint supplements. But don’t panic! I’ve got you …

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Horse Grooming

Easy step by step guide on how to groom a horse

Horse grooming is a staple when you own a horse or when you’re riding horses. You’re doing it all the time. If you’re new to riding, it can be a little intimidating to pick it up. Usually, people just expect you to know how and you don’t want to look silly or like a beginner. …

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Healthcare and Supplements

Welcome to Equestrian Boots & Brides – this is the Healthcare and Supplements Page! This is your one stop shop to finding out about your horse’s health online from day to day healthcare to specialty supplements . Are you about to buy your first horse? Or are you thinking of becoming a vet? Have you …

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