Golden Horse in Water Artwork

Different stages of a painting work in progress:

Stage 1 – Base Layer

golden horse in water artwork stage 1

Stage 2 – Highlights

I love how the mane and tail looked in this stage but as I kept working on it, you’ll see later, they didn’t quite match the flow and the speed of the horse’s movement so I completely changed the location of the mane by the last stage so far.

golden horse in water artwork stage 2

Stage 3 – Background

Normally, the background is done first. Initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a background on this painting or just to leave it blank. While doing it, I opted for a background so added it in!

golden horse in water artwork stage 3

Stage 4 – Warmth and Definition

Up to this point, it was getting the shapes and everything right. In this stage, I’m hoping to bring the painting to life. It’s coming along. The last stage – stage 5 which I will be adding below shortly will be the finishing touches. You might notice that I need to reduce the size of the ear on the right side of the painting and the mane looks a little bit too thick at the moment to be “realistic”. I also want to add just a tiny little bit more yellow to the background. Hopefully it turns out well!

horse arthorse artworkoriginal horse artwork

Original Equestrian Boots and Bridles artwork
Title: “Golden Horse in Water”
Artist: Martina

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