1. Tyler Redlev

    Horses are one of the most known and used subjects in fine arts thanks to their amazing anatomical features. One of the best places to find horse art is, as you have already mentioned, is Etsy!

    You can find a TREMENDOUS amount of custom artworks there and the sky is the only limit! Also, Deviant Art is a good platform for some talent hunt 🙂

  2. Gabriella Tito

    I am an artist myself and I appreciate any artwork that can transcribe the beauty of a horse into a medium.

    I have found deviantart to be quite expensive in the past so you’re not alone there.

    I think Fine Art America is the perfect balance any collector would be looking for! Though not original, it’s worth looking into for the affordability and you don’t have to commit too much, in my opinion.

    Pinterest is easy to get lost looking for anything, good luck with that, haha!

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