Equestrian Wear – “Get Your Glam On” for 55% Less

Equestrian wear is naturally glamorous but it’s also naturally expensive.

Sometimes when I find an outfit I absolutely love off of Pinterest, I’ll try and find similar items on Amazon or other places online that are cheaper and try to replicate the look for way less money.

This glamorous outfit consists of a luxurious sweater, sequin-lined breeches, beige leather gloves, shined-up boots, a glam sequined belt and some rings to top the look off!

Let’s see if we can bring the price down a notch…

I haven’t kept the outfit exactly the same just for personal stylistic things.

For instance I go for more of a beige rather than a white breech. I’m more partial to gold rather than silver rings. I skip the belt and the cowl buttons.

The look becomes a little bit warmer and brighter – and more glam in my opinion!

Let me know in the comments what you think.

Get the Glam Look – Cowl Top

The top here is classy dowl neck sweater. I’m not a huge fan of the buttons as I don’t think they go that well with the sequens.

Also, since this sweater can turn to the tackier side really quick when you try and find lower priced options so we’re going to make sure that we stick to a classy look!

Doublju Brand (No Buttons) 

Company name:  Doublju

Guarantee: None

Price: $

Review: 9/10


  • 79% Polyester / 18% Rayon / 3% Spandex
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand Wash Cold / Hang Or Line Dry
  • Classic Fit

This sweater is super confortable with great fabric. It’s meant to fit a little bit on the looser side and there have been some comments that it runs a little small so I would suggest getting a size or even 2 up to whatever you planned on getting initially. I doubt it will be too big.

Also, keep in mind that this should not be a long, tunic-style top, it should fit shorter as we’re going to be wearing it riding and you want to be able to show off that sequin belt!

The color is luxurious and the quality is superb – one of the few items still made in the USA!

The polyester/spandex mix not only make the fabric confortable but means that if you get a little sweaty when you’re riding, it won’t show up like cotton will – it’s more the feel of a work out shirt without looking like one.

My rating took a hit because of the sizing running small and inconsistent.

Levaca Brand (Buttons) 

Company name: Levaca

Guarantee: None

Price: $

Review: 7/10


  • 50% Cotton/45% Polyester/5% Spandex
  • Good Elasticity, Soft & Comfortable
  • Slimer fit than I would like

So I know this isn’t exactly the option in the image because it’s a tunic fit so you wouldn’t be able to show off the belt unless you tuck it in. Also tucking it in, you’re going to add quite a bit of bulk potentially. I’m also not as big of a fan of the material because I don’t like riding in cotton on top incase I’m sweating a lot.

Saying that, I do like the pockets on this one and if you add a chain to it, you’d be able to glam it up quite a bit and if you’re a big fan of the buttons, this shirt’s got it for a great price!

Personally, I like the previous option better but just wanted to add this one in here incase you might prefer it!

Get the Look – Glam Bottoms

Company name: Horze

Guarantee/Warranty: None

Price: $$

Review: 9/10


  • Pull-on breeches
  • Sparkle-studded
  • Mid-rise waist
  • Silicone grip
  • Mesh details for added breathability
  • Elastic waist can be a bit on the tighter for first-time wear
  • Excellent hold fit

Absolutely love these! Love the look of them, the luxurious style, the quality.

I know I know, they’re not quite sequined like in the picture but I think they’re even nicer I think the nice pattern provides an even classier look to them. And you’ve got the sparkles that are a little subtler and more classy but still glamorous.

The material and the fact that they come in so many colors is awesome too, although for this look I would either go for the dark or the beige, pictured above.

This is really another one of those purchases that you really can’t go wrong with because of how comfortable and durable the product is.

Get the Look – Glam Boots

Company name: Horze

Guarantee/Warranty: None

Price: $$

Review: 9/10


  • Tall leather-like dressage boots
  • Logo at the outside top of shaft
  • Added suede-like inner leg for comfort
  • Back zip for easy on/off
  • Available in regular or wide

I was looking here for a dressage boot that would serve the style by being high class and shiny. Unfortuantley I could not find, for all my digging a very affordable option with the gorgeous back clasp in beige. I would have loved that. I will keep an eye out and include it here if I do find anything.

What I did find, abeit quite expensive were these beauties. Very shiny and on the somewhat affordable side, I think they’re the next best thing!

I did take some points off because you do have to pay for shipping with this one BUT for a dressage boot, the price is really great so I’m not too fussy about paying the extra little bit for shipping. Especially when other boots are usually a good $100 bucks more.

Also, I think the velvet inner leg really adds to the glam style we’re going for in this outfit!

Get the Look – Glam Accessories

Beige Classy Riding Gloves

Company name: Heritage

Guarantee/Warranty: None

Price: $

Review: 9/10


  • Super Grip synthetic grain leather
  • Breathable
  • Ventilated fingers and thumb.
  • Patented rein cut design
  • Double Stitched critical outward seams
  • Stretchable flex panel across knuckles provides a comfortable fit

Absolutely in love with these gloves – both the breathable design and the look! They are not the best durability but with the price being what it is, I can’t really complain you know?

Lost a point becuase sizing can be a little problematic I’ve found. If in doubt at all, maybe order 1 size up.

Company name: Equine Couture

Guarantee/Warranty: None

Price: $$

Review: 8/10


  • Adjustable keeper
  • Buckle closure
  • Rhinstone sparkle

I’m putting this belt here incase you already have breeches for a belt. The breeches that I put above and I really love aren’t suited for a belt. I wanted to include it still because it’s pretty glamorous and I’ve seen it around a few places now and it seems to be getting excellent reviews.

Also, the comparitively low price are even lower than you can find on Horse.com when buying from some areas!

I also like the little horse pendant on it. The only thing is that I think the rhinestones can be a little bit too much. If it were me doing this look, I would skip this belt and use the breeches above but that’s just me!

And I would glam up more on the rings front which i’m going to add in next!

Company name: Gmai

Guarantee/Warranty: Yes, 100% money back guarantee from supplier

Price: $

Review: 9/10


  • Gold stacking rings with 10PCS / 1 Set
  • 10 different size to fit each finger
  • 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee

I know in the picture it’s silver but I prefer gold, especially with the beige breeches. I know I’ve already messed with this look quite a bit so I’m sorry! I just like putting my own little spin on things. But that’s why you guys read my reviews too right 🙂

Anyways, I’m really partial to the gold so I’m going to put that in my final calulations but I’ve included a silver collection just below also just incase you guys prefer silver instead. So I got you covered either way!

The reason why I’ve taken off 1 rating is because I don’t like how they only have the 1 style and you can’t change the sizing of the rings.


Guarantee/Warranty: Yes, 100% money back guarantee from supplier

Price: $

Review: 10/10


  • Silver rings
  • 10 different sizes to fit each finger
  • 60 Days Satisfaction 100% Money Back Guarantee

Love this set even though it’s in silver. As I mentioned above, I am partial to gold myself with this look but decided to include the silver so that we’d be more in keeping with the original design. I know I went off a little far today compared to usual – please let me know below how you’re liking it!

Even though you can’t change the sizing, this set has 4 differnt style sets you can choose from which I really like so 10/10 for this on from me 🙂

Glamorous Equestrian Outfit – Total Cost & Our Savings!

The total cost WOULD HAVE BEEN as seen in this picture: $412.79

  • Tommy Hilfiger Lurex Split Neck Sweater in Black
  • Olvossa Equestrian Gold Crystal Belt
  • Roeckl Chester Gloves in Camel
  • My Barn Child Bling Rings in Champagne
  • Olvossa Equestrian White Silicone Crystal High waist Breeches

The total cost for OUR LOOK IS (which I think is better anyways)…

Doublju Cowl Neck Heather Knit Sweater Top

Leah Women’s UV Pro Summer Riding Tights

Heritage Premier Show Glove

Bling Leather Belt

Bohemian Vintage Women Crystal Joint Knuckle Nail Ring Set

>>> Less than $225 <<<

That saves you almost 55%!!!

I didn’t include the boots in either price because I feel again like this is more of your item that you already own. If you’re looking for a pair of dressage boots at a more affordable price then I definitely thing this is the way to go above, but I do know that most of you won’t be including this into your purchasing price!

Hope you guys enjoyed this and saved yourself 55% OFF for this outfit!


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Equestrian Wear - "Get Your Glam On" for 55% Less
Equestrian Wear – “Get Your Glam On” for 55% Less

7 thoughts on “Equestrian Wear – “Get Your Glam On” for 55% Less”

  1. I love this look! You’re picks are almost identical to the designer ones. I agree, sequins and buttons don’t go so well together. Definitely showing this to my best friend. Nothing better than riding in style for a great price! And it looks super comfortable. Thank you for the awesome post 🙂

    • Hey Aleaha, 

      Glad you like it! I know right? Buttons and sequins just do not match in my opinion

      Happy riding 🙂 


  2. These glam items look insane!! I was planning to get a gift for my GF and these are just about the exact things that I was looking for 🙂

    The sparkly glam belt looks awesome and I may just buy it. Heritage Leather Riding Gloves also looks awesome!! These can really make a classy girl happy 🙂

  3. Girl I just LOVE the first photo that has the picture of the pink gloves and the princess brooch! I like that there is a classy taste to everything I seen. I have to be careful though because I am allergic to wool and alpaca for some reason I get hives when I wear stuff that has that kind of fabric. The Horze pink pants are too sexy – but I will so rock them! Thank you for giving girls like us more options in regard to Equestrian fashion.

  4. I appreciate the time you took to find a less expensive alternatives that achieve the same classic look. Love those boots and would just have to have them to complete the look.

    I’m all about saving money and like the way you have your material presented. Easy to follow. The sizing information is also deeply appreciated.


    • No problem Tammy! I know sometimes it’s so frustrating ordering clothes online because it’s so tough to get the sizing right you know? It’s the worst when you’re so excited for something and then it just doesn’t fit and you have to through the hassle of returning it


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