Kids Horseback Riding Apparel – Things to Keep in Mind

Horse riding can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what age the rider is. If your kid is about to embark on their first riding trip or lessons, you might be wondering where to start with clothing and equipment. To help you out, here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying your little horse rider’s riding apparel.

Comfort and Versatility are Key

The most important thing that you should keep in mind while deciding on apparel of your kid is the comfort. Whatever they’re wearing or using should be comfortable and versatile to cater the needs of your kid.

When we buy something for ourselves (maybe a pair of cowgirl boots, for example), chances are that we are going to use it for a long time. However, that’s not the case with kids. Kids grow up quickly. Make sure that you’re getting sizing right as your child grows, because fit is important for comfort while riding.

comfort and versatility

Boots that are too tight or pants that don’t allow mounting are uncomfortable and dangerous. You might not realise, but this type of attire can put your child at risk.

Kids can be a little careless, and sometimes they don’t even notice that their boots are getting a little on the tight side. Check in with them regularly to see how they’re feeling – as a parent, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on these things.

Don’t Shy Away from Amazon or Ebay

Bearing growth spurts in mind, I definitely think that it is important to buy horse riding gear that is affordable. There’s no need to empty your pockets on expensive stuff because, let’s face it, your kid might not end up wearing it for very long.

Purchasing apparel that’s easy on the wallet is the wise thing to do. So my top tip is: don’t shy away from Amazon or Ebay. You should order new things over time your child grows to fulfill their needs, or even have a look at the second hand market – I have a great guide to buying used riding gear you can check out here.

I also recommend buying local where possible. I love a good branded piece as much as anyone, but regularly buying brands for your child could get pricey. Local stores provide similar, non-luxury apparel that should meet the same standards of comfort and safety. Feel free to try different brands at your local tack shop.

All that said – if you have the ability to buy branded products, go for it! There are so many adorable kids’ options available.

Spend Freely on Safety Essentials

Most parents will be at least a little concerned about whether horse riding is safe for their children or not. I think this is totally reasonable. But at the same time, if your child has the right equipment they can go out and learn in a safe environment. Over time, your kid will learn for themselves how to stay safe while they’re riding.

Kids Horseback Riding Apparel

Children should be equipped with the right gear. In particular, a helmet that meets safety standards is critical. I have a review of helmets you can look at here, and most of them come in kids’ sizes. Having the right boots is also important, especially ones with a good heel. Have a look at my ultimate guide to riding boots here.

For more information about horse riding for little ones, The Spruce has a great piece on getting lessons for your kid. And if you’re about to make the big decision about buying a horse for your kid, you should definitely read this!

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