1. Reduced stress and improved concentration are two things I could definitely benefit from. It’s surprising that you can receive these benefits from horseback riding. Hopefully, I can make time in my schedule for this activity.

  2. Jill

    I couldn’t agree more about the benefits of horse back riding and horses. They are extremely therapeutic and intuitive.
    Horses are a flight animal and it is so true that they will reflect back to you what you are feeling.
    I loved your article and thank you for sharing all of the benefits of horses.

  3. ches

    You are so right about the physical effects of riding a horse. I had a serious back problem which was cured by riding. It was something that really worried me and I thought I would not be able to ride because of it. The opposite was true. Riding was the best exercise for my back and 30+ years on my back is still strong.
    As for the phychological benefits from riding, this is manyfold in my opinion. Learning to ride at the age of nearly 40 years was a little daunting and I was scared stiff at first. As my education went on and I learnt about how to care for the animal as well as how to ride it, my confidence shot up.
    Learning to jump was another challenge but boy was I proud when I jumped a 3’6″ fence on a half suffolk punch horse. It was an amazing feeling.
    I don’t ride now, but I really miss it. Thanks for the memories!

    • Martina

      Hey Ches, 

      This is so nice to hear! I also actually have back problems and have also found that riding strengthens my back rather than hurts it further. You do have to be a little bit more careful about falling and learning how to fall properly but the benefits far outweigh the risks in my opinion 🙂 

      I hope you get a chance to ride again sometimes soon! 



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