1. Marley Dawkins

    Wow you guys really know your Equestrian matters! I know for a fact my mum would love this site, so I’m gonna tell her about it right now – she’s always taught me about the importance of horsemanship and having the right equipment, so guaranteed she’ll be visiting your site a lot 🙂

    Have you ever had any problems getting a bridle on a horse you’ve looked after or trained before?

    I have before – the horse had quite a rough past, and he saw the bridle as a threat. But we eventually found a process of comforting him a lot while putting the bridle on and eventually he got used to it.

    • Martina

      Hey Marley, yes I have had problems with this. I’ve never had a horse see the bridle as a direct threat as you describe, but I have had horses who simply didn’t like having the bit in their mouths. So when I would try and guide the bit into their mouths they would toss their heads, turn away and generally fuss with me a lot haha. I found that patience is the best medicine in these cases. Although sometimes changing the bit, checking for sores or other health issues in their mouths or using a gentle hand when riding (if their rider was too harsh on their mouths, they will come to associate with a bit negatively) could also be the solutions!

  2. Hannah

    A good friend of mine would be very interested in your site. I must send this to her as she’s an animal lover and horses are her passion in life.

    I love how you’ve written this post with a slightly different perspective, very powerful and interesting to read.

    I will definitely have to show my friend. She’ll love this!

    • Martina

      Hey Hannah! Aww that’s so sweet of you to recommend our article – I hope she enjoys it 🙂 She’s welcome to comment or contact me if she has any questions

    • Thank you so much for spreading the word about our article. Martina is an amazing writer and I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of her blog. I hope to hear from you again.

  3. bigglassescat

    Natural horsemanship would be the approach I would take were I blessed with the opportunity to participate in equestrianism. Given my strong bond to animals this also seems like the most humane. The tack technique seems like something I would feel uncomfortable participating in. Love the beautiful pics by the way!

    • Martina

      Hey there!

      Natural horsemanship is a wonderful approach and general mindset to have whenever training a horse. I mean of course we want to make our training as natural as possible so that it is both easier for us and the horse to figure out what to do and communicate together to achieve common goals.

      As Equine Angel suggests, however, the main thing is to figure out your horse’s personality and through that, you’ll know what is most natural for him.

      You mention you would be uncomfortable using the “tack technique”? I think perhaps you should reconsider the way you are thinking about this. There isn’t really a “tack technique” although there is different ways to use tack and other equipment for training. The fine line that Equine Angel excellently points out here is that tack and equipment can be a wonderful resource, especially when starting out but you never want to use it to force or bully your horse to do your will (as in the case of some aggressive bits when inappropriately used). Rather for example you want to use your stick as an extension of your arm to help you communicate with your horse.



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