5 Benefits of Horseback Riding That You Should Know

Horseback riding is a fun activity that people around the world enjoy. But for me and many others it’s so much more than just a hobby. You can get many physical, health and psychological benefits from horseback riding.

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    In this post, I’ve narrowed down to what I think are the top 5 benefits of horseback riding that you should know. When I started researching, I realised there were way more benefits than I anticipated – so I’ve actually made two lists. These benefits are related to physical health but if you want to learn about psychological benefits of horse riding, have a look at my other post here!

    Benefit no. 1: It is such good exercise!

    Horseback riding is really good exercise, and if you do it regularly, it will help you stay healthy and fit. I also think it’s really important that it doesn’t matter what your age is – you can start out really young, and keep riding until quite an advanced age.

    I also love that horse riding takes place in a natural setting. There’s something about being out in nature while you’re exercising that makes it feel so rewarding. It could be the fresh air in your lungs, or the joy at encountering beautiful scenery – who knows. I’m most aware of that feeling in early morning or sunset rides – I would totally try going out at that time if I were you!

    Now, I am aware that some people say that the horse does all the work. I challenge anyone with this belief to go out riding for a day – those sore muscles don’t come from just sitting around!

    Benefit no. 2: It improves your posture

    If you are a regular rider then I’m sure that you already know this. But if you don’t, then let me tell you – keeping proper balance while horse riding is extremely important. And keeping your balance requires you to maintain good posture, sometimes for many hours.

    If you’re keeping good posture in the saddle, this will carry through to your daily life.

    Because you’re strengthening the muscles that keep your back straight and shoulders back, you won’t be able to help but do those things outside of the saddle.

    People who keep good posture typically enjoy good health and horse riding lets you achieve this.

    5 benefits of horseback riding that you should know

    Benefit no. 3: It tones your muscles

    One of the other benefits of horseback riding is that it tones your muscles. While horse riding, you use so many of your muscles – pelvic muscles, core muscles, and inner thighs. Over time, these will become strong and toned. And who doesn’t want a toned core and legs, am I right?

    Even your arms get involved through use of the reins!

    It also improves the flexibility of your muscles because they are engaged whenever you ride, and are critical to control over your horse. Making tiny adjustments to the pressure and positioning as you ride develops strong and resilient muscles. Doctors say that ultimately the benefits of horseback riding are similar to weightlifting.

    Benefit no. 4: It is also a mental exercise

    Another most important benefit of horse riding that most of the people don’t know is that along with being great physical exercise, it is also good mental exercise. When you spend your time riding, you’ll learn a lot about about the amazing creature that is your horse, but you also learn a lot about yourself.

    Horseback riding allows you to become more confident in yourself by handling a huge animal properly. It can also be very relaxing and calming. Personally, I enjoy horseback riding because I think it makes me closer to nature. It makes me appreciate what I have, and the beauty of this world.

    It helps me focus on more important things and reduces anxiety. When you are riding a horse, you focus more on the riding and making the riding experience better. For the time being, you forget all your worries and enjoy what you’re doing.

    You form a beautiful connection with a horse and learn how to take care of him. It teaches you empathy, love, and care which are the most beautiful feelings in this world.

    Benefit no. 5: Horseback riding makes you strong

    Horseback riding is not as easy as it sounds. You have to be physically and mentally strong to handle a horse. It requires strength and understanding. Only a person who can take charge can handle a horse and ride it properly.

    This activity is not for faint hearted people who are scared of taking charge. When you are riding a horse, you need to tell him where to go and how to go. You need to stay focused and in charge. It helps improve your reflexes and body movements.

    You develop strength if you regularly go horse riding. This strength not only helps you during riding, but I think it can help you in other areas of your life. Once you are strong enough to handle a horse, you are strong enough to handle other situations as well.

    Conclusion: Did I miss any benefits of horseback riding?

    So those are my 5 favourite benefits of horseback riding. Remember that these benefits are only a few among many – let me know if you think I’ve missed any important ones!

    If you are planning to try horse riding but are feeling a bit reluctant, I hope that these benefits should motivate you to take the first step. Whether you are looking for a good exercise to tone your muscles and stay fit, or you are just looking for a good hobby to do in your spare time, horseback riding is the answer. Go for it!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

    Happy riding! 🙂

    5 Benefits of Horseback Riding That You Should Know

    8 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Horseback Riding That You Should Know”

    1. It sure got my attention when you said that horseback riding requires the use of muscles that we never knew existed and so it’s helpful in toning pelvic, thigh, and core muscles. I will definitely mention that to my sweet boyfriend, after all, it was his idea that we should try an outdoor adventure for once. I was thinking about how hotter he will become if his muscles were a bit more toner, and now, I realized how I can make that happen. Thank you! I’m excited!

      • Hey Celestia,

        I would recommend you take a few dressage lessons if you really wanna discover muscles you never had! Haha – it takes a remarkable amount of strength and control, especially if you’re new, to control a horse’s gait appropriately. If you want an even bigger challenge for your boyfriend, ask for a slower, older horse that needs more leg to get up and going 🙂

        Best of luck!

        • I was in my Health and P.E. class and we were studying our muscles and I found the exact muscle that was always sore when I hadn’t done lessons in a while, my adductors would always be sore and it hurt to walk.

          • Hey Piper,


            Yeah it’ll be your adductors that are sore foresure – and you’ll feel that in your inner groin area. There’s actually quite a few muscles that are all in that area and that group is called the adductor. They’re the ones that help you squeeze around your horse’s belly, steer, push forward and generally keep your balance 🙂


    2. Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to try horseback riding and I am thinking about getting myself riding lessons for my birthday! I am glad that I found this article because I had no idea there are so many physical benefits of horseback riding like the fact that it is great exercise! Plus, the fact that it would give me a chance to be outside and enjoy nature while getting fresh air would help my mental health as well.

      • Hi Rosie,

        I’m glad you enjoyed it! Honestly, it’s hard to put all the benefits into writing. Riding speaks for itself – once your on the horse, you understand so much better how good for you it can be both physically and mentally


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