Best Ariat Paddock Boots

The best paddock boots that I’ve had have been by Ariat. Not only do Ariat paddock boots look great, but they last forever (without maintenance).

I’ve had my most recent pair for almost a decade and (shamefully) I do nothing to take care of them. I wash my half chaps and take care of those pretty well but my paddock boots have been through Canadian paddocks in Spring and Fall for almost 10 years and they’re living to tell the tale.

That’s probably all you need to know!

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    I think paddock boots are probably the first type of boots you should get when you are just starting to ride.

    In fact, I think you should always have a pair lying around.

    I’ve always loved Ariat women’s riding boots because of their look and their quality. If you’re looking to buy Ariat boots then keep reading for some tips on which paddock boots to get and which ones to avoid.

    Ariat boots are comfortable, versatile and durable. You can pair them with half-chaps to get better grip when you’re riding or just use them around the barn.

    They actually look so nice I’ve even worn them out and got compliments on them from my non-horsey friends.

    Recently, the company started outsourcing the manufacturing of their boots to China. Since then there have been some complaints about the quality of some of their boots. So I want to give you a breakdown of which ones are still the right ones to buy!

    Best paddock boots by Ariat - a complete review of paddock boots

    Some of them haven’t been compromised and are still great quality and durable while others aren’t – there’s a pair that are known to have weak glued soles. This causes the bottom to come off despite the fact that they are waterproof.

    So here’s a breakdown of the main types of boots that I’m familiar with. There are definitely more products out there but these are the classics – the best known Ariat paddock boots.

    We browse the internet looking for the best of the best of everything horse-related so we can share these things with you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 

    #1: The Heritage Series…

    Ariat Women’s Heritage Paddock Riding Boot Round Toe

    • Material: Leather with full grain construction
    • Measurements: 6 inches from the arch up
    • Style: Lace-up with a pull loop
    • Special features: Comfort padded top
    Ariat Women’s Riding Boots - Women's Heritage Riding Boot

    These boots are known for their extreme comfort and their secure fit. If you have a high arch with some back issues, then they can even help keep your back aligned and happy without orthotics. You definitely won’t get any blisters with these!

    The laces can be annoying but they offer optimal support and make sure they’re snugly fitted everywhere. Although if you’re just looking to slip them on and off casually to wear around the barn, you can keep the boots loosely laced and slip them on using the pull loop.

    They are also long lasting, and have received almost all positive reviews. Furthermore, they have the look of a very nice combat boot and look even better in person than they do online.

    Be aware that the slight shine that they have wears off after the first few rides.

    These ones are known to fit slightly larger so order half a size smaller than you normally would! They also fit slightly narrow so opt for a wider fit if you’re unsure.

    Ariat Women’s Heritage Paddock Zip-Up Riding Boot Round Toe

    • Material: Leather with full grain construction
    • Measurements: 6.5 inches from the arch up
    • Style: Lace-up with a pull loop
    • Special features: 4LR technology to best secure and support your foot while riding; elastic twin gore panels to improve fit and durability; comfort padded top
    Ariat Women's Paddock Boots - Heritage Zip Boot

    The classic Heritage zip-up, this boot is very similar to the classic Heritage lace-up.

    The only difference is that they’re supposed to be great on sizing. So if you’ve ever had trouble with Ariat’s sizing in terms of length and ordered a pair that didn’t fit you – this boot shouldn’t be a problem.

    The only issue is that they are slightly narrow. So if you have a bit of a wider foot these may not be for you.

    Furthermore, these classics are easy and quick to break in. They live up to the Ariat name in terms of comfort and durability. You won’t have to worry about quality!

    Ariat Women’s Heritage H20 Zipper Riding Boot Round Toe

    • Material: Water-proofed leather with full grain construction
    • Measurements: 6 inches from the arch up
    • Style: Zipper with a pull loop
    • Special features: Water-proofed membrane; moisture wicking lining; comfort padded top
    Ariat Women's Riding Boots - Heritage Waterproof Zip Boots

    These boots are designed and marketed to be the top of waterproofing technology. They’re also marketed to be virtually indestructible. If you are at all familiar with the Ariat brand, then you’ll know that if these are claiming to be more durable than previous boot lines, then that must mean something special.

    These are basically supposed to be like the Women’s Heritage Zip-Up Boots except resistant to any kind of water damage or permeation. Excited yet? Well don’t get too worked up. These are one line that has suffered with the changes in manufacturing.

    The problem is that these boots are not stitched together but are glued together. This has caused lots of problems: most importantly, the sole has been known to literally fall off within only a year.

    Also, the leather has a duller look to it because of the water-proofing.

    Furthermore, they are the only Ariat boot I’ve ever heard of that’s prone to cracking, which is simply unacceptable for the price you’re paying.

    Ariat Women’s Heritage III Zipper Paddock Riding Boot

    • Material: Leather with full grain construction
    • Measurements: 6 inches from the arch up
    • Style: Zipper with a pull loop
    • Special features: 4LR technology to best secure and support your foot while riding; the zipper is made of antique brass; Duratread rubber soles; twin gore elastic
    Ariat Womens Riding Boots - Heritage Zipper Paddock Boots

    The Heritage III is designed to be classier and focused more on aesthetics that your classic Heritage. Although that doesn’t mean the quality is lacking. This boot has a bit of both.

    With the antique brass zipper and sleek profile, this boot looks especially nice. Now add the 4LR technology and the Duratread rubber soles and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

    These are made to go really well with the Classic III Chap!

    Furthermore, if you’ve got a bit of a wider foot, these are the Ariat boots for you. Generally, Ariat tends to fit narrower while these are more on the wider side.

    The only thing is there have been some complaints about the boot being slightly tight at the front and digging into the front of the foot. Similarly, they’re snug at the top so if you have larger calves, these may be too tight.

    Maybe they were designed a little too sleek?

    Ariat Women’s Heritage Breeze Zip Boots

    • Material: Leather with full grain construction
    • Measurements: 6 inches from the arch up
    • Style: Zipper with a pull loop
    • Features: 4LR technology to best secure and support your foot while riding; comfort padded top; elastic twin gore panels to improve fit and durability
    Ariat Womens Riding Boots - Heritage Breeze Paddock Boots

    The Heritage Breeze boots are above all known for their comfort and practicality.

    The leather is very soft and breaks in quickly just like the classic version.

    However, you’ve got the 4LR technology to boot. 4LR stands for ‘Four Layer Rebound’, and is a four-layer footbed, which provides comfort and stability.

    Furthermore, with the twin gore elastic sides and the pull loop, they’re super easy to slip on and off. And the comfort padded top makes them even more comfortable.

    The only problem that has been reoccurring with these is that after about 5 or 6 years of regular use, the soles seem to wear out. This causes them to become slippery and they loose their grip in the stirrup. But I mean 5 or 6 years is pretty good!

    They also pair great with the Heritage Breeze half chaps:

    Ariat Women's Riding Boots - Heritage Matching Half Chaps

    #2: The Scout Series…

    Ariat Women’s Scout Paddock Boot

    • Material: Leather with full grain construction
    • Measurements: 6 inches from the arch up
    • Style: Speed laces with upper notches
    • Features: 4LR technology to best secure and support your foot while riding; comfort padded top; elastic twin gore panels to improve fit and durability; speed laces with notches and top lace lock
    Ariat Women's Riding Boots - Scout Laced Paddock Boots

    These boots have no hook for pulling them on, which can be annoying but makes them look sleeker. In general these boots have a great look to them.

    They do have speed laces with notches, so it doesn’t take you too long to get these on and off. But they’re definitely not designed to be pulled on and off like the Heritage lace-ups. Furthermore, they have a lace lock at the top to make sure they fit securely and they don’t unlace while you’re riding.

    These boots, like the H20 ones, also offer a moisture-wicking lining for moisture protection. These ones don’t seem to have any problems with soles falling off or cracking, however!

    Finally, these have been reported to live up to their name in comfort and durability.

    Ariat Scout Zip Paddock Women’s Boot

    • Material: Leather with full grain construction and elastic twin gore panel at the collar
    • Measurements: 6 inches from the arch up
    • Style: Zipper
    • Features: 4LR technology to best secure and support your foot while riding; Duratread rubber soles
    Ariat Womens Riding Boots - Scout Zip Paddock Boots

    These are similar to the Scout lace-ups. The difference is that – of course – they have zippers. That makes them better to wear with half-chaps. Also they have an even sleeker look to them without being too much of anything – they are truly classic.

    In addition to the 4LR technology, these boots also have Duratread rubber soles. The combination makes these boots probably the cheapest for the features you’re getting.

    In addition, the fit on these boots is insanely comfortable. Usually there’s some break in time for Ariat boots, although this is relatively low compared to other brands. But for these boots, that time is virtually zero.

    The leather is made to be extremely soft and conform to your feet. Furthermore, the leather on it is washable, which makes these boots even more practical.

    The top, however, doesn’t have a padded collar so make sure that you’re wearing socks that protect your ankles because otherwise they have been known to rub. So just don’t wear ankle socks with them if you have this issue! But that’s more the fit of paddock boots in general so you can’t really blame Ariat for that one.

    Best Paddock Boots by Ariat – Our Top Recommendations

    My personal favourites are the Ariat Women’s Heritage Breeze Zip Boots from the Heritage series and the Ariat Scout Zip Paddock Women’s Boots from the Scout series.

    My Ariat womens riding boot recommendations

    After that it comes down to which look you like better and what your price range is.

    Want The Longest Lasting Boot?

    I would expect the Breezes to last longer simply because the leather on the Scout Zip boots are so soft.

    I think you get the most for your money with these options and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say a bad word about either of them to be honest.

    Want a Beginner’s Boot?

    If I was just starting to ride, I would buy the Scout boots because they’re just so comfortable and they would last me long enough for just getting started.

    Also, I like the look of lace-ups on their own more but I find zippers more practical for riding. I mean even with lace locks and stuff, if your laces come undone while you’re riding it’s so annoying. And half-chaps won’t fit well over laced boots. Plus, the zipper boots have a classic, sleek look to them.

    Want the Prettiest Boot?

    The Breeze boots are not only stylish and I find slightly more feminine than the regular Heritage, but meet the criteria of quality and durability of the H20 boots.

    They also don’t have the many fitting problems that the Heritage III’s seem to have.

    The Scout Zip boots are also great looking but not quite as classy I would say. They are great for being worn casually throughout the day simply to run errands or to work or school.

    I really hope this post has helped you make a more informed decision on picking out your next pair (or very first pair!) of Ariat paddock boots!

    Want Other Options? SEE OUR ENTIRE GALLERY…

    Please comment below if you have any questions or comments!

    Happy riding 🙂


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    30 thoughts on “Best Ariat Paddock Boots”

    1. I agree that the lace up looks better, but I rather not be annoyed with my laces coming undone.

      As for the glued ones, I would think that the price would be a little less expensive because of the durability.

      I’m glad I read this article because now I know which ones to select if I were going to purchase riding boots.

      Thanks for sharing your great article.

      • Hey Evelyn,

        You are absolutely right. And that’s what should be expected – that if the quality goes down then the price will come right down with it. Classically this brand is very good quality and durable so they are justified in charging high prices. But the problem is with their recent outsourcing, some of the quality of shoe manufacturing has dropped but their prices have remained the same.

        That’s why I’ve recommended the Heritage Breeze and the Scout Zip, because I know that with these particular boots – you’re going to get the bang for your buck that people have come to expect from the Ariat brand name.


    2. I often get worried before buying riding boots in the internet because sometimes you just don’t know what you’re going to get. So thanks for your post – I can easily say that the ones I bought on are worth the price now and they are great. Really thank you for that review, hope that I will be able to read more helpful articles 🙂

      • Hey there!

        No problem at all – I’m so happy that it was helpful for you. Definitely let me know if you need anything else 🙂



    3. These are a great looking boot, even for just kicking around in! I actually have a pair very similar looking that I wear with jeans during the winter months. I personally like the Ariat Women’s Heritage Paddock Riding Boot Round Toe.

      I like the style and look of them. The price of $130 is really not bad considering these would probably last a very long time.

      If you have a pair, how long have they lasted you?

      • Hey there!

        Yeah I know that’s what’s so great about them, you can honestly even just wear them out. And they’re so comfy that you actually want to. I totally agree!

        I actually don’t have that particular type but I have the previous make of the heritage round toe. I bought them around 10 years ago or so and I haven’t needed another pair to this day.

        They’re so comfy and they’ve lasted me literally forever, through years of very tough wear and tear! That’s why I think the 130$ is actually an awesome price for these boots and why I wanted to write a review on which ones are still the great ones to get 🙂

    4. Thanks for sharing these different options for boots for riding! I actually had been thinking about this lately because a friend teaches people how to ride and I was looking at his website and it said how important it was to have boots that protect the ankles. This seems like the perfect solution – they look attractive and comfortable, and this answers my question that I had just been wondering about. Thanks so much for sharing this great resource!

      • Hi Debbie!

        No problem, I’m so happy that you’ve found it useful. Please let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

    5. Couple questions for ya! Is there a boot you would recommend for beginners or perhaps people looking to buy their first par of nice riding boots? And if not are there certain things that you would stress in a boot for people looking for their first pair? My assumption would be that you would want something known to be extremely comfortable and not take a ton of time breaking in. And then later on you would know exactly what you need and what features are most important to you. Does that sound about right?

      • Hey Brad,

        Good questions!

        So for a first time riding boot – any of these would do the trick simply because paddock boots are like a rider’s bread and butter (at least they were for me and still are!). Ariat boots are made from great leather and are super quick to break in. A couple rides should do the trick or just walking them around for a few hours. I look for DURABILITY in mine just because I wear them to do everything from riding to work around the barn to walking around the city. They look nice and so I can wear them out which I loooove.

        I know that Ariat boots are durable because I’ve had mine for 10 years and they are still in good condition – I wore them riding this past weekend. The ones I recommend the most are the two I list at the bottom: The Heritage Breeze Zip (what I use) and the Ariat Scout Zip.

        Are you looking for your wife or daughter? If there’s any other details I can help you with let me know 🙂

    6. Great post. It is a shame when a great product puts profit over quality. Thanks for sharing the best products with us. I would have bought lace ups rather than the ones with a zipper. I must say I do like the style of the Ariat Zip Boots. Good strong water proof boots are necesity when you work out in the paddock in the wet.or if you are cleaning out stables. This was well written and with all the information I needed to choose my next boots.

      • Hey Margaret!

        I definitely agree but sometimes I feel like these company’s have to because all their competitors are moving over to China so they end up at a significant disadvantage if they don’t right? And even with the switch over, the two I recommend still are of amazing quality.

        Also they have some incredible cowgirl boots that I would 100% recommend as well and are super high qualtiy!

    7. Wow a pair of boots that have lasted you over tens years with only some wear on them? That is really an investment.
      The leather used in their construction must be of a high quality.
      Do you have any tips on leather care? What products do you use?
      I just periodically rub Dubbin into my leather boots. Is that sufficient?

      • Hey Keith!

        I know right? It’s pretty awesome 🙂 That’s why I vouch for their brand so much. They’re products are a little on the expensive side but they last forever so I think it’s totally worth it.

        Since they outsourced to China, some of their shoes have gone down in quality a little bit but the ones I recommend are still super durable.

        And I use saddle soap on all my leather just because I have it accessible anyways haha. You can find my favourite one here: Fiebing’s Saddle Soap. You can use that stuff on literally any leather and it works like a charm

    8. I think all these pairs look like great horseback riding boots. I like how you know the details of each one and know exactly which ones to recommend. What would you say is the most important trait/characteristic when choosing a paddock boot? Would it be the boot’s comfort, durability, or appearance? I’m thinking of buying for my young daughter and I think I’d want to go with the zipper over the lace-up just because it’s easier for her? I think the Ariat Womens Heritage Breeze look great and I can definitely see why that’s your top recommendation 🙂

      • Hey Peter!

        Ariat boots are definitely excellent quality and great for riding – and they’re stylish as well. The most important trait for a paddock boot is durability. This is your bread and butter as a rider. You want these to last forever, and be able to throw them on to go for a quick ride, for training and for doing chores around the barn. They should be mud resistant, water resistant and life-resistant! 🙂

        The ones I recommend definitely rise to the challenge. They’re a little on the pricey side but they’re worth it. Like I mentioned, I’ve had mine for 10 years now and they’re still going strong although they’re a little scuffed up.

        You’re daughter will love the zip ups – they look awesome (boots of this style are trending strongly right now as well) and they’ll last her forever so you won’t need to buy her another pair for a while.

        Let me know if you have any other questions!

    9. Thank you so much for your review on Ariat Women’s Riding Boots. I’ve been considering buying these for my wife’s birthday. She’s always loved them! Not just for riding but just everyday wear because of the way they look. But I have no idea which ones are the best so thanks!

      Your review has provided me with all of the information I need to make an educated purchasing decision. I appreciate it big time!

      • Hey there!

        I’m so happy to hear that this helped you make a decision about choosing the right shoes for your wife’s birthday. She has great taste 🙂 and I’m sure she’ll appreciate the gesture.

    10. Ariat Boots have always been my favorites. I usually have several pairs around in different styles.Now that I am not training & competing anymore I am certainly not replacing them very often. They do last! I was not aware of the change in manufacturing standards. Too bad. I hope they don’t let their standards down too far, otherwise, I will need to find something else. I will keep your review handy to use next time I need a new pair.

      • Hey Allie,

        I agree with you totally but I don’t think you’ll have to find something else just yet. Although it’s disappointing to hear their manufacturing has changed, their standards have been high on the boots I’ve mentioned. Furthermore, I think they’ve actually upped their ante since I wrote this post. I’ll have to expand it I think 🙂 Just bought a pair of half-chaps by them and they are perfect!

        Plus with all the politics and whatnot (won’t go into detail about that here), they may reinstate their US manufacturing.



    11. I’m new to the Hunter Jumper discipline. I bought my first pair of paddock boots, yesterday. I tried on and walked in the store with both the Ariat Scout Lace and the Ariat Scout Zip. I chose the Lace because it seemed to fit my ankle better and feel more secure. I see that you recommend the Zip and not the Lace. Why? How would you compare the Scout Zip with the Scout Lace? Is the Lace as durable as the Zip?


      • Hey Linda!

        Thanks so much for your comment

        I like both but I recommend the zip and own the zip myself for a few reasons:

        Firstly, I find that a zipper is cleaner (I find laces pick up a lot of dirt and poop when you’re working around the barn, tacking, untacking, grooming, feeding, etc.and then you have to touch them when you’re doing and undoing them). Secondly, I’ve had laces undo while I’m riding and I find it annoying to stop to tie them up. Lastly, it’s faster and more convenient to get them on and off not to mention they’re sleeker and less bulky when you’re wearing chaps over top, which I love. I do agree, however, that the laces allow for a snugger and closer fit because you can tighten as much as you need to.

        At the end of the day, the most important thing of course is how you feel when you’re riding! And everyone is different – if you feel more comfortable with the laces when you’re jumping, then definitely go with those.

        Hope I was helpful 🙂

        Happy riding!

    12. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into researching these boots and you’ve done a great job! For me it would be my very first pair but I won’t need them anytime soon since we are working on saving for a ranch first!
      This would definitely be my go to when I want to buy my first pair! Thanks for sharing:)

      • Hey Justina, 

        Thanks for your comment and input! That’s awesome that you’re working to save up for a ranch, we are actually as well. Right now, I ride at different stables but I’m travelling a lot and still have work to do, but hopefully we’ll be able to afford one in the next 5-10 years or so! 



    13. I am not a horse rider but I have always loved boots. When I seen this article, I immediately thought “OMG next paycheck I need to buy myself a pair!” They are soo cute and look very durable. I would like to have a couple pairs and in different colors. Do they make these for little boys and girls too? I have a one year old baby boy who would look really stylish in a pair of these. Where can I find other riding gear?

      • Hey Sophia, 

        I’m glad you like them – I don’t know if these come in pairs small enough for a one year old but you can definitely click here and check out some different options! 

        In terms of colors, you’ll usually find English style riding boots in browns and blacks rather than brighter ones.

        And in terms of other riding gear, you can check out our whole section on gear and apparel here!  

        Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else 🙂 


    14. Hi Martina,
      Wow! This was a really thorough review and so timely for me. I’m in the market for a new pair of riding boots. I’ve always worn lace-ups but lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about trying zip boots for the convenience. I like the rubber sole, and when you indicated, there’s no real break-in period with these boots you had me sold. Add the convenience of Amazon, and these boots feel like a no-brainer. Thanks for the info!

    15. Thank you so much for this information.
      I appreciate all of the effort that went into the comparison. I think the Ariat Women’s Scout Paddock Boot are the ones I’m leaning towards. I like the way they look. The Ariat Women’s Heritage Breeze Zip Boots also look amazing, I’ll have to try them next time. Thank you again


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